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Latest Projects
  • The Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0 - Tropicfeel

    Made for exploring everything, from New York City to the tropic Galapagos: Versatile | Quick Drying | Comfortable | Sustainable

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  • Vue: Your Everyday Smart Glasses

    Vue is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Offered in prescription, plano, and sunglasses.

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  • What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Doc

    A documentary looking back at the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series.

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  • Throw Throw Burrito

    The world's first dodgeball card game. Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.

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  • Andymation's Flipbook Kit

    Make your own amazing flipbook animations with Andymation's Flipbook Kit!

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  • Intake Breathing | A Revolutionary Breathing System

    Optimize Your Performance, Focus, Recovery, and Sleep with the World's Most Advanced Breathing System.

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  • The NOMATIC Roller Luggage

    Extremely Durable Luggage That Makes Packing Easy and Streamlines Your Travels.

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  • GoCube | The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

    An incredible smart connected cube with tracking and whole new way to cube. Learn, improve, and even compete.

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  • Dungeonology: the expedition

    Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind, which aims to study the natural habitat of several cultures in Italy. Unfortunately, some of the professors occasionally run into atypical societies, risking their neck. This is a university where even the best find it tough! In Dungeonology the heroes will explore new places and their inhabitants with the aim of discussing their thesis and becoming the new professor in their own field of expertise. It is an atypical dungeon crawler where the goal is not to free the area from hordes of furious and terrifying monsters, collecting huge stashes of treasure or magical weapons; to the contrary, our heroes’ job will be to study habits, take notes and stay undercover. The Scholar who gathers the most or best quality information can discuss their thesis, getting themselves promoted to the role of professor.

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