Each month the BackerKit team pledges to a wide variety of cool crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We thought it would be fun to share just a few of the many projects we supported last month.

Created by Ayana Young  and For the Wild

“I. Love. Trees. Let’s plant more trees and relax in their shade. Everybody should plant a few trees a year – if you don’t have time, support projects or people who do! Please pledge now! The campaign ends on the last day of December!” -Anna W.

Carpe Diem everyday carry coins by Jim Wirth

Created by Jim Wirth

“I recently met creator Jim Wirth at BackerKit’s first ever Crowdfunding Social a few days before he launched this campaign. He had some of the prototype coins with him and I was instantly impressed with the high level of quality. Plus Jim is a super cool and passionate creator! There’s still a few weeks left to back this project on Kickstarter.” -Jason Furie

Slave rebellion reenactment antenna on kickstarter

Created by Antenna

When I saw this project being shared by Kickstarter directly, I had an immediate interest in learning more about the creators’ individual works and backgrounds. I was very pleased to learn that this project was being facilitated by social activists, authors, and individuals with a firm grasp on the current state of existence and identity of Black America. This much-needed project has a strong commitment to history as it truly happened, and a very clear goal to bring awareness to fundamental events that go virtually unknown to many.” -Raya Macahilig

Women wearing snooks clothing jacket

SNOOKS – Snow Wear for Women. By Women
Created by Snooks

“By women for women – let’s go! Seems like a no-brainer and the products look like the perfect fit for the cold season. Can’t wait to get my hands on that beanie.” -Anna G.

Man wearing woodies high performance chinos on the street

Created by Woodies Clothing

Buying clothes can be really tough since I always have to make a decision on whether I should purchase an item based on fit, design, or material. The Ultimate Performance Chinos helps solve this dilemma with its sleek design and custom fit based on my measurements. I cannot wait to wear these chinos around the BackerKit office come March!” -Seun Omotunde

These were just a few of the many projects the team supported last month. Be sure to check out past projects we backed. We look forward to all the awesome new projects that will pop up next month and beyond!