Are you a short story writer? Children’s book author? Novelist? Have you been thinking about crowdfunding a cookbook, perhaps? If so, we have something special in store for you.

On September 5th, BackerKit will be launching Booktopia – a new collaborative crowdfunding event where creators launch solo projects as a group and then pair up to work on limited edition cross-collab rewards.

Celebrating Real Writers

We love writers at BackerKit! Just recently, we had an excellent experience working with Brandon Sanderson and Dragonsteel on the record-breaking campaign for Words of Radiance Leatherbound. Over the years, we’ve worked with writing and publishing creators of so many different genres and project scope, and have always had a great time doing so.

Writers create incredible worlds, captivate, entertain, educate, move us emotionally, and take us on adventures. In a world where the creativity and originality of writers and other artists are sometimes devalued or thought to be easily replaced by AI, we believe that writers are indispensable. With Booktopia, we want to celebrate books and the amazing people who bring them to life.

Booktopia will be a new iteration of our successful “topia” crowdfunding events. Our first two Pintopias, which focused on enamel pins, showed us that when creators launch collectively, it fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, making the crowdfunding experience fun and exciting in a whole new way. Group launches spark creativity, as participants stretch boundaries and work together on cross-collab rewards. They also introduce backers to creators they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

When is Booktopia?

All Booktopia crowdfunding projects will launch together on Thursday, September 5th at 10 AM PT, and collectively end on Thursday, September 26th at 1 PM PT. All projects are required to launch and end on the same day and time.

Submit Your Book Project

We want to see your project! If Booktopia sounds interesting to you, please submit your application by filling out the submission form by Thursday, July 4th. 

To participate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have successfully crowdfunded a campaign before.
  • Prepare and run your solo project during the event dates.
  • Create a new book (not a repeat of a past project) that follows our AI Policy.
  • Pair up with another creator for a fun freebie or incentive.


We look forward to seeing your projects!