#1 Staff Favorite

Crua XTENT: Transformable Tent | Ending Soon!

You wanted to be well-rested. To be warm in winter, cool in summer. You wanted space. Space to stand up and no longer feel cramped and awful. And you wanted weather protection. How do you get both? It extends vertically. In a matter of seconds, you can pop-up the XTENT to an extremely roomy, standing tent. We’d like to see another 2-3 person tent do that.

BeYou: Chair With 10+ Ways To Sit

Instead of telling you how to sit, BeYou transforms so you can finally sit comfortably in any position that feels great… to be you. Sitting on your BeYou is just as intuitive as tossing and turning while you sleep. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s time to switch positions.

VELNUE | Hand sanitize in style, with a smile

Velnue looks nice and smells even better. Easily move it around your home, wherever it’s best suited that day. It’s touchless, easy-to-use, and even easier to install, making it perfectly suited for the entryway of any home. It’s how hand sanitizing should have always been.

The AirLoft Jacket

The AirLoft Jacket is the next generation of insulated jackets. Built from the fiber up by chemists and tested by athletes, it’s designed to solve all the performance issues of other insulated jackets with a style you can wear anywhere, no matter the weather, season, or occasion. This jacket is temperature regulating, breathable, stain-proof, water-resistant, durable, packable, and versatile. Providing ultimate freedom, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Xcube: Modular Hardshell Backpack

This hard-shell backpack is light yet sturdy, minimalist yet spacious, and the inside is fully customizable with 2 modules and Velcro dividers. It’s also expandable, waterproof, theft-proof and has 15 compartments. Choose between two options of 26/34L and 32/43L.

Justice For Breonna Taylor Act

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year old, award-winning EMT, who was shot and killed in her own home by police during the execution of a discriminatory, botched no-knock warrant. The Justice for Breonna Act would effectively ban no-knock warrants on the federal level, ensuring that no American citizen will ever be killed so unjustly ever again. Please help meet their goal of blanketing the state of Kentucky with over 100 billboards, showing Mitch McConnell that the American people stand with Breonna Taylor and her family.

Secure Deliveries Made Easy with SmartDrop

Eufy Security’s SmartDrop mailbox is an intelligent solution for protecting your packages. Designed to be idiot-proof for your delivery man, the on-device AI and 1080p camera lets you view and keep track of each delivery from start to finish. Should the courier encounter any issues, you can jump to the live-stream and communicate with them via the 2-way audio. Built using cold-rolled steel and with advanced locking mechanisms, this device will fend off and deter any potential porch pirate lurking in the distance.

Stilform INK - Magnetic Fountain Pen

The award-winning Stilform Fountain Pen with a unique self-aligning cap and a new mechanism. Now in DLC coated titanium! Give the cap a simple twist and it gets automatically pushed off by a strong magnetic force. Through a unique magnetic closure, the distinctive flat sides along the pen will always align with themselves perfectly. With a satisfying click, your INK fountain pen can become your favorite fidget gadget.

Luna Display for Windows

Tens of thousands already use Luna Display for Mac and now they’re bringing that same magic to Windows. Whether you’re working remotely, looking to maximize your workspace, or seeking more creative flexibility – Luna has you covered. As the only hardware solution on the market, you can turn any iPad into a wireless second display for your PC or Mac.

ervét™ + Sanitized®: Bamboo Bedding

The secret to ervet™ with Sanitized® protection comes from two of nature’s antimicrobial agents: Zinc and Bamboo. Zinc pyrithione is woven into their bamboo blend during the manufacturing process. Cooling, moisture-wicking sheets made from a sustainable organic bamboo blend and infused with Zinc so your sheets stay fresher, longer.

Mobility Wall | Rolling & Massage

FINAL DAYS! They’ve fundamentally redesigned how you foam roll, keeping you on your feet, giving you more control, getting those hard-to-reach areas, and providing a cleaner experience. You’ll be able to apply different levels of pressure, increase the number of touchpoints from any angle, and more!

Tiny Treehouses

Transform your pots into miniature wonderlands with these DIY model kits and be the envy of every plant owner in town! These model kits have a range of difficulty levels and only take 2-4 hours to build, so anyone can do it. Every model comes with LED lights to keep your treehouse shining.

Cupple - Water Bottle | Final Days!

Cupple is a revolutionary, reusable, all-in-one cup + bottle. Simple and convenient for people on the go. Beautifully designed to save space and make your lives less complicated, whilst also reducing dependence on single-use plastic.

SKUZEE - The Most Convenient Lid

There’s no need to buy outrageously priced drink containers or a bunch of bottles for all of your favorite beverages. All you need is a Skuzee with its advanced spill-free seal and ability to lock in flavor and freshness. You can turn almost any jar, cup, and mug into a bottle. No more kitchen clutter. No more nonsense.

Silver Ankle Socks: Clean Everyday Socks

FINAL DAYS! They use a specialized blend of Pure Silver with a Twill Cotton base, made with a touch of springiness in them to ensure your feet are relaxed. Silver breaks down bacteria, making it impossible to produce smells that feet on your sweat.

Boombi | Vertical Farming Revolution

Boombi is a self-contained, user-friendly hydroponic vertical garden that will revolutionize the way you grow and consume food. It’s modular, easy to use, and built to the highest manufacturing standards. From the moment Boombi arrives at your front door, you’ll be ready to start growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and much more.

Liam Damascus Kitchen Series

These top-grade Liam Damascus knife blades are strong and sharp. They are high grade and designed with durability and functionality in mind. These are the ultimate cutting tools for everyday use. What else could a chef ask for in a knife?