#1 Staff Favorite

MagnetCubes: Modular Magnetic Blocks with Dynamic Marble Run

FINAL DAYS! MagnetCubes is a totally new modular magnetic building set for creating roller coaster themed marble runs and large structures. This intuitive building system is fun for all ages and can be configured in endless ways. It’s great for getting kids interested in STEM concepts by challenging spatial reasoning and understanding of physics principles.

Modern, Organic, Plastic-Free Body Care

Let’s replace the plastic-packaged products we use every day with modern, organic, plastic-free skin, and body care. The Essentials includes everything you need to get clean AND green – body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.

Apricoat Down | The Adventure Down Jacket

A durable synthetic down coat made specifically to withstand the elements. It keeps you warm because that’s what an adventure coat is supposed to do. That’s why there’s a padded removable hood, fleece lining, and tighteners on the hood and bottom of the coat.

The NatureDry Jacket by Woolly

ENDING SOON! The NatureDry Jacket offers all of the performance with none of the plastic as it is a 100% merino wool all-weather jacket. Available for the bargain price of just $199 during the Kickstarter campaign – which is some $100 off the final intended retail price!

MagEasy: Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

Are you struggling with productivity and efficiency while working remotely?MagEasy is the ultimate organizing solution that boosts your work output by keeping everything in one place, turning any desktop into a personalized and private workspace, so you stay organized.

I'm Back® 35 | Ending Soon!

Give a second life to your vintage analog photo camera, take it out from the shelf or box, and start shooting digital photos and video! The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with photographic films or in digital mode.

Ekster Key Holder | Final Hours!

The Ekster Key Holder is a minimalist solution that keeps all your keys organized, secure, and easy to access. It’s never been easier to access the right key. It organizes all your keys in a compact, silent stack, which you can flip through with just one hand. Say goodbye to keys jingling in your pockets or scratching your valuables.


The OYO Nova Gym uses SpiraFlex resistance, which feels smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. SpiraFlex FlexPacks, rated at 10lbs each, snap on to provide up to 40lbs of total resistance, yet the entire unit only weighs 2.5lbs and folds up to fit in your bag or carry-on.

Inertix Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife

Inertix is a beautiful knife that will provide years of EDC bliss. A handle is made of polished duraluminium, a blade is made of special metal with a natural matte front surface and invincible stainless steel – all these materials were carefully selected and skillfully processed to perfection. The result is an iconic and long-term design.

Blinks Game System | 20 New Games

ENDS TOMORROW! Blinks is the world’s first smart tabletop game system. 1,135 backers brought it to life on Kickstarter in 2018. They’ve now shipped over 15,000 Blinks games, sold out at every major convention, and now they’re back with our first expansion!

Tapeworm | Ends Today!

Tapeworm is a spacial 2-4+ player card game where people take turns creating and cutting apart their tapeworms from Edmund McMillen (The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, and more). The goal of this game is that you can pick it up and play with anyone right away, but the more you play the more the strategy reveals itself.

Sonic Dutch: Make Cold Brew Coffee in 5 Minutes

Sonic Dutch is a miraculous new coffee maker that cuts the cold brew steeping process down to just five minutes! Its innovative sonic vibration technology produces up to 1 liter of cold brew while listening to your favorite music.

Nemesis Lockdown | Just Launched!

Nemesis Lockdown is a standalone expansion to the hit Board Game Nemesis (BGG rank overall #33, thematic #10). It builds on the tense, cinematic experience Nemesis is known for, adding even more opportunities for emergent, dramatic gameplay. Become an unlikely survivor, locked in an underground base with something terrifying.

Otto's G32 | smart & modular gas grill

With Otto’s G32 we developed an end-of-the-line gas grill and even made it smart and modular. The G32 is packed with features you would only find in commercial grade appliances. It features the highest quality materials as well as cutting-edge, patent-pending technology. We are convinced that we will provide one of the best gas grills on the market with an unrivaled price-value ratio.

Bullet♥︎ — Shoot-em-up Puzzle Action

In this board game, each heroine wields a different power that changes the game: master paper, gravity, guns, music, and more to defend the Earth! Play in realtime to form Patterns, clear your board, and attack. Fight back the bullet curtain coming at you each round and be the last Heroine standing to win.

Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet | Just Launched!

This helmet comes with integrated LED lighting, turn signals, and smart features to keep you safe in one sleek package. The MIPS Brain Protection System is designed to add protection against rotational motion transferred to the brain.

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection

A competitive strategic role-playing board game set in an open fantasy world. Players choose one of five heroes and uncover a modular map full of quests, precious natural resources, and dangerous enemies. The heroes gain experience, learn unique skills, obtain new equipment and treasure, and explore places of elemental power.