#1 Staff Favorite

Shower Power: Hydropower Speaker

JUST LAUNCHED! Shower Power by Ampere is a waterproof speaker that generates 100% of its power from water, so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in the bathroom. It was designed to never leave you without music in the bathroom. Once installed, Shower Power never needs to be removed thanks to its proprietary hydropower system. Designed to fit any showerhead, it’s also made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Tropicfeel | Shell: Travel Backpack

An ultra-versatile, multi-sized backpack with a lightweight, weatherproof, and minimalist design. A backpack that lasts a lifetime, designed to meet modern-day travelers’ needs, from your daily journey to work to long-distance hikes across the country.

VAE: Never Stop To Re-Fuel

Each VAE packs 51 energizing sprays to keep you alert, focused, and energized in a matter of seconds. Designed to provide 2-3 weeks of energy, VAE is there for you whenever you need it. It enhances cognitive performance, promotes alertness, all on zero calories.

OMEGA Pants by Graphene-X

FINAL DAYS! Graphene-X developed these revolutionary pants. They have a 3-layer fabric that stretches and remains completely waterproof. The Graphene supercharges the shell face to resist unheard-of levels of abuse. You can use these pants for skiing and swimming. Yes, they convert into shorts! These convertible pants are ready for anything you’ll go up against.

Cwash: Clean Your Teeth in 30 Seconds

Cwash is a tooth-cleaning device that doesn’t need water or toothpaste to be used. It can be used everywhere and save you time. It’s small, easy to carry, eco-friendly, and antimicrobial. It connects wirelessly to your phone and reminds you when it’s time to clean your teeth.

BeYou: Chair With 10+ Ways To Sit

Instead of telling you how to sit, BeYou transforms so you can finally sit comfortably in any position that feels great… to be you. Sitting on your BeYou is just as intuitive as tossing and turning while you sleep. Your body will naturally tell you when it’s time to switch positions.

Heroclip Large | Final Days!

The Heroclip clips, hangs, and holds more than ever before. Designed with the same revolutionary clip/hook system found in all Heroclips, this is our largest clip yet and allows for more hands-free versatility than its predecessors. Heroclip Large doesn’t mess around, it is here to provide the helping hand that you deserve because sometimes, the floor is just not an option.

RadarIQ Sensor | Just Launched!

RadarIQ sensors are designed to be affordable, and very easy to use – get started in under 15 minutes! What’s more, these sensors are not for prototype only but are ready to be integrated directly into production systems. These sensors are designed with simplicity in mind and can even see through walls!

ELO: Pro-Grade Hot Stone Experience

Hot stones are the premier treatment in spas. Elo is a one-time cost that can be used at any time. Used for over 2000 years to melt muscle tension and put you into a meditative state. Elo has reinvented this ancient practice, using hand-shaped volcanic stones that preserve the traditions that make it so powerful.

Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket

They use up-cycled coffee grounds and materials to avoid unnecessary waste. Their bio-based products encompass the following key functionalities: breathability, insulation, water-resistance, wind-proofing, UV-protection, and odor-control. They have meticulously developed this jacket well ahead of the curve by incorporating your daily necessities thus paving the way for the future of sustainable outerwear.

Mobile by Peak Design

The 10th project from Kickstarter legends Peak Design, Mobile by Peak Design, makes your phone easier to handle, mount, view, and use. It puts it right where you need it. It’s ruggedly secure and brilliantly easy to use. A single system of accessories for all your needs—accessories that are as thoughtful and elegant as your phone itself.

Poputar: A Smart Guitar with Free App

Unique LED lights synced with the PopuMusic App will allow you to play any song. Play, repeat, learn, and improve daily. Just follow the lights on the fingerboard to find the position of your left hand, which syncs with those in the PopuMusic App that then tells you when the right hand should be plucking strings.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition is a farming adventure where you will have to take care of your tiny planet. Farm, craft, fight and explore the universe of Deiland in this adventure with exclusive content for Nintendo Switch. Discover the story of Arco in this single-player experience, a tale about growing up, helping others, and revealing the secrets that lie on the heart of your planet.

Silver and Gold | The Normal Tarot

The Normal Tarot 2: Actually #2 This Time. A black deck with white details, gold foil, and gold trim. For this deck, the artist from Furiously Prognosticating and the cover of the previous tarot book is doing the deck, and the deck artist from last time is doing the new book’s cover. They thought it might be fun to switch things around.

Intriex: Weight Management

Using all three indexes and hormone analysis, Intriex creates your diet plan, workout routine, and long-term map for smarter weight management. With the Seein Intriex app, you can access easy-to-understand results, share data, and acquire actionable insights anytime.

Element Dice 2

These dice are inspired by the periodic table of elements! They aare 100% pure precious metal-plated platinum, silver, gold, and rhodium over solid brass.

Blinks Game System & Expansion

Blinks is the world’s first smart tabletop game system. A Blink is an intelligent game piece that responds to touch, is magnetic, and communicates with neighbors. Each Blink knows a single game. Getting started is easy. Just grab your Blink, choose your game, and connect them together to get started in seconds.