#1 Staff Favorite

STUR Skillet: The German Cast-Iron Skillet - Made to Last

The STUR Skillet is a cast-iron skillet designed for the 21st century: lighter, smoother yet with the same STURdiness as traditional cast iron. Built for everyday cooking and made to last. The STUR Skillet is produced in Germany from one piece of cast iron. Cast with the highest precision and machined on the bottom as well as the inside, its robust material resists heat deformation and won’t leave you gripping a wobbly handle.

Scenario Cards | Final Hours!

Do you hate spending $1000 on a life-coach to find your purpose? So do they. That’s why they created Scenario Cards. Each card comes with one ‘What if…’ scenario. ‘What if…’ scenarios are powerful mental models used by psychologists to help you let go of your worries, fears, and insecurities about the opinion of others.

RAZOR - "Not Your Average Box Cutter"

The sharp flat ground straight edge is perfect for thin sharp precision slices and versatility of everyday use. Perforated blades allow cutting and slicing of materials to not stick onto the blade itself. It provides a cleaner, sharper cut.

Chop and Swipe

It’s a simple, low-cost cutting board that keeps your kitchen workspace tidy. Easily double your food prep area in seconds while keeping it clean with its detachable trays and making it easy to pour what you chop. With rubber feet that hold the board firm on any surface, you don’t need to worry about slipping.

MOLA MOLA Sunfish: Enamel Pins

LAST DAY! BackerKit’s own drawn by DNA wants to get more people interested in the strange, bizarre world that’s underneath the water with these hand-drawn pins. Each fish pin is a reflection of their actual sizes, so they’re all different sized pins! $1 of every pin pledged will be donated to the nonprofits Gill Tract Farm and Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.

SKINNERS 2.0 | Ultraportable Footwear

Ultra-versatile, 4-in-1 minimalist footwear with a lightweight, weatherproof, yet durable design. Packed with a perforated insole, long-lasting polymer sole and functional fibers. Designed to keep up with you no matter what adventure you soak into.

ELO: Pro-Grade Hot Stone Experience

ENDING SOON! Turn your home into a 5-star spa with these ultra-soothing volcanic hot stones. Hot stones are the premier treatment in spas. Used for over 2000 years to melt muscle tension and put you into a meditative state. Elo has reinvented this ancient practice, using hand-shaped volcanic stones that preserve the traditions that make it so powerful.

Quanta Vici: Smart Heated Gloves & Socks

Smart heated gloves and socks that last for over 6.5 hours. Made of premium materials, they are washable, breathable, and durable. Just set your desired temperature, and they will remember and maintain the temperature with precision.

FOCX Wallet

They redesigned their best-selling wallets by blending style, functionality, and quality into an outstanding smart wallect collection. It impresses with its outstanding details, exceptional quality, and their many years of experience.

Blinks Game System & Expansion

FINAL DAYS! Blinks is the world’s first smart tabletop game system. A Blink is an intelligent game piece that responds to touch, is magnetic, and communicates with neighbors. Each Blink knows a single game. Getting started is easy. Just grab your Blink, choose your game, and connect them together to get started in seconds.

The Versa Hat | Final Days!

The Western Rise Versa Hat combines the best of extreme performance with sleek, versatile styling and innovative construction to solve the performance issues of traditional hats with a style that can be worn anywhere. It’s 100% waterproof, stain-resistant, crushable, packable, breathable, durable, with four-way stretch, and minimal branding for unmatched versatility.

Guardian & Breakaway Hoodies

The Guardian Protection Hoodie is manufactured with 30 dynamic features because we need more from the fashion world than runways and magazines. The Breakaway THINDOWN™ Hoodie has almost 20 unique features and is designed with the world’s first down fabric.

Multi-Climate 3-in-1 Jacket

FINAL DAYS! They use up-cycled coffee grounds and materials to avoid unnecessary waste. Their bio-based products encompass the following key functionalities: breathability, insulation, water-resistance, wind-proofing, UV-protection, and odor-control. They have meticulously developed this jacket well ahead of the curve by incorporating your daily necessities thus paving the way for the future of sustainable outerwear.

GEO: Graphene Recovery Pads

GEO™ – Graphene Nanotechnology heating pad that melts away the tension in your muscles and increases blood flow using far-infrared heat (FIR). GEO™ makes using far-infrared heat convenient and practical with 2 different size pads, USB charging, and reusable hypoallergenic adhesives.

Wázai 2.0|World’s Smartest Bonsai

Comes with a monitoring App, the smart Wázai is able to embody behaviors that respond to human and environmental changes, sparing you from all the troubles and perplexities. Everyone can become a green thumb on the first attempt!