#1 Staff Favorite

Trigger Point Rocker

The Trigger Point Rocker is a patent-pending device that combines hands-on clinical experience with thousands of screaming backs, plus the science behind myofacial trigger points on our bodies. After years of research, many prototypes, and real feedback from beta testers, the “ahh moment” is coming to your home.

BANDO 3.0 | Multi-Functional Slim Wallet by Dash

The Dash Wallet saves you time, is lighter than ever, keeps you organized, and is only $19. The ultra-slim profile isn’t intrusive no matter what you wear and it weighs under an ounce, so you won’t even notice it’s there.

CIZOR, Tungsten Carbide Cutting EDC

Cizor knives are crafted from one of the hardest man-made materials in existence, tungsten carbide. You may recognize the compact and time tested form factor of the popular Tidashi knife. Carry it with you anywhere, held securely in its silicone cap.

Soji: Self-Cleaning Bamboo Towel

Soji is a silver-infused silver-fused bamboo towel that stays clean — all the time. Big, soft, fluffy, and exquisitely snuggable, Soji is the only towel that will make you excited to leave the shower. There’s nothing like wrapping up in a freshly cleaned towel. Now, you can experience that feeling everyday with Soji.

S+ Cutlery|Sturdy Utensils

When it comes to reusable cutlery, stainless steel may be the first that comes to your mind. However, its huge size and heavy weight might make you reluctant to go green. S+ Cutlery is sturdy cutlery while being incredibly lightweight!

Darwin's Journey | Final Days!

Darwin’s Journey is a worker placement euro game where players recall Charles Darwin’s memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution. With an innovative worker progression system, each worker will have to study the disciplines that are a prerequisite to performing actions.

Timekettle WT2 Edge

Finally, natural real-time translations in 40 languages, in an earbud. Welcome to 2021. The WT2 Edge is the world’s first truly bi-directional simultaneous translation earbuds, translating in real-time as you speak and listen, and delivering what you said to your listener’s ear in as little as 0.5 seconds.

3L Shell System for Exploring

The BN007 (Pants) and the BN302 (Jacket) are a highly technical shell set, developed for the user with high demand for outdoor gear and performance. This high-quality set (20 000 wp) will keep you dry and warm on all your upcoming adventures.

Owlbear Plush

The owlbear, a creature feared by many adventurers, known for its feathery bear-like appearance, its sharp beak and claws, and its great ferocity…Little did they know how cute their cubs would be once they hatched from their eggs. In addition to the plush, there are art books, a 5e adventure, wallpapers, and more.

Alpine Start With Benefits

JUST LAUNCHED! Whether you’re on the mountain or at the home office, these products are made with plant-based ingredients designed to elevate your focus and boost your body’s resilience. Fuel your daily adventures with coffee and matcha.

Temerity: The Runaway

Guardians of the Galaxy meets Firefly in this epic sci-fi comic by Harley Quinn artist, Chad Hardin, and indie creator, Jemma M. Young. Come enjoy the ride of mechas, brain hacking, and terrible pun t-shirts. The result is a high-adventure intergalactic romp with a heavy dose of humor and a whole lot of temerity.

Belt Tie|Cable Winder

Elastic and durable silicone strap for quick wrapping and winding your computer, gaming, phone, etc. chargers. It’s versatile and easy to carry. End tangles and clutters in seconds!

Bernie Mittens: Warm Your Hands & Your Heart

America’s fashion icon and senator, Bernie Sanders, has once again raised the bar for all of us. His bespoke, one-of-a-kind mittens, which are no longer available, have shocked the world. These replicas are made with sustainable materials and 1/3 of all profits go to teachers via DonorsChoose in honor of the original maker, a teacher from Vermont.