She’s so playful and affectionate you’ll forget she’s a robot. Loona is smart, intuitive, affectionate, and playful. Everything you can dream of in a best friend and more. When you come home, she’ll come quickly to welcome you. When you walk around, she loves to follow, and when you pet her, she’ll be soooo happy. Get ready to fall in love!

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Mosaic: Wars & Disasters
JUST LAUNCHED! The first Exciting, Strategic Expansion for Mosaic
Hedgehog Mouse and Controller!
Perform any action while hardly lifting a finger.
The Wavelinks Puzzle
Four heavy steel pieces interlock to create a modern masterpiece of mechanical puzzles.
Lumos Firefly – Final Days!
Upgrade your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and more.
Flora – A Pocket Sized Plant Coach
FINAL 48 HOURS! Save your plants with the Flora Pod!

The One Blanket + Slippers
JUST LAUNCHED! A unique slipper + blanket set that’ll keep you warm & relaxed.
Your EveryDay Shoe, Reinvented
Comfortable waterproof Everyday Shoe For Men and Women
Torrents of the Spellhoarder
A high-level DnD 5e adventure set in an underwater kingdom.
Game Space: Lift, Pause & Organize
Lift any game during the party. Magnetic borders with card slot
Nightmare Fuel
JUST LAUNCHED! Three bestiary volumes for the dungeon fantasy RPG.

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