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Just a few of our happy customers...
Cephalofair Games
$12,969,608 pledged
83,193 backers
Kingdom Death Monster 1.5
Kingdom Death (Adam Poots)
$12,393,139 pledged
19,264 backers
Modular Gaming Table
$8,808,136 pledged
7,713 backers
Nemesis Lockdown
Awaken Realms
$5,174,153 pledged
41,907 backers
Return to Dark Tower
Restoration Games
$4,054,745 pledged
23,661 backers
Massive Darkness 2
$3,813,274 pledged
21,763 backers
Bears Vs Babies
Exploding Kittens
$3,215,680 pledged
85,581 backers
Full Color Custom Minis
Hero Forge
$3,106,660 pledged
39,167 backers
Here to Slay
Ramy Badie
$3,077,536 pledged
38,922 backers
Binding of Isaac
Studio 71
$2,650,876 pledged
38,335 backers
Dispel Dice
Dispel Dice
$2,392,157 pledged
20,135 backers
Hel: The Last Saga
Mythic Games
$2,215,843 pledged
17,757 backers
Strongholds and Streaming
Matt Colville
$2,121,465 pledged
28,918 backers
Batman: The Animated Series Adventures
$1,664,881 pledged
9,126 backers
Mantic Games
$1,454,344 pledged
12,716 backers
Deck of Many Animated Spells
Hit Point Press
$1,310,509 pledged
9,871 backers
Resident Evil 3
$865,698 pledged
7489 backers
Steampunk Rally Fusion
$798,689 pledged
8209 backers
$686,653 pledged
8342 backers
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Burnt Island Games
$379,848 pledged
4393 backers

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