#1 Staff Favorite

Infinity Cable: ONE Cable for all your Devices

FINAL HOURS! This is the Chargeasap Infinity Cable. The world’s first cable to support 100W USB-C PD and be cross-device compatible with all 3 major USB types making it the world’s first truly universal USB cable compatible with all phones, tablets and USB-C PD devices including laptops.

Not only can the Infinity Cable support QC 3.0 & 4.0, but for the first time ever, it can support Power Delivery charging up to 100W.

The clock’s ticking… don’t miss your chance to claim your backer-exclusively priced pledges  HERE now!

Mochi Robot | Coding for Ages 3-6

Teach children coding concepts while learning ABCs, 123s, Words, Numbers, Colors, and more during hours of screen-free, hands-on play. Explore 12 different subjects through hours of interactive, hands-on play. Through engaging plot lines, Mochi harnesses boys’ and girls’ love of storytime and encourages early childhood literacy—the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Prepd Skillet

FINAL HOURS! Prepd Skillet combines non-stick convenience with the performance, versatility, and durability of cast-iron, to create the ultimate pan. With a beautiful minimal aesthetic and polished smooth cooking surface, this skillet is unlike any cast-iron you’ve ever seen.

Just Simple Power Bank

FINAL HOURS! Even if you don’t actually have 5 devices that you would need to charge at one time, having the option to charge that many devices at once is awesome! The built-in three-in-one cables is a simple, but powerful addition to keep your phone, iPad/ tablet, your friend or family’s phones charged, your Nintendo Switch, and so much more!

CarbonIce | Antibacteria and Cooling Pillow

Meet the CarbonIce Pillow! The all new and only 7 in 1 pillow that features Activ-Air Technology that enhances breathability, keeps you cool with increased comfort and is dirt, bacteria and dust mite resistant. This pillow also utilizes the Dual Memo-Density system that allows you to choose your firmness.

ZipBag® | Plastic Bags Evolved

JUST LAUNCHED! ZipBag® is a patent-pending storage container used for just about anything from keeping your leftovers fresh, to eating your salad lunch out of it. It replaces plastic containers and plastic bags (plus the waste associated) and lets you store more inside your fridge, while keeping it eco-friendly & organized like never before.

All Natural, Hand-Crafted Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

100% natural, vegan, safe, sustainable, sulfate-free, paraben-free, plastic-free, pH balanced, cruelty-free, no animal testing, ethically bought, and handmade hygiene products. Not only are the products super responsible, but the profits provide a consistent income and economy for the Red Yao tribe, which helps keep the families together and build a sustainable way to preserve their culture.

Pivo | Get Insanely Creative

No more panoramas with missing arms and distorted heads, Pivo gets them right. Plus, now you can be in them too. Want Pivo to follow around an object instead of a face? Go for it. It’s perfect for showing how things work on camera, even live on multiple platforms.

Pollix Watch | Health & Fitness Smartwatch

FINAL HOURS! Aiming to make better fitness possible, the Pollix Watch features AI technology with GPS, ECG, HR&HRV, SPO2, blood pressure, 17+ Workouts and 10+ days battery life. Made from strong, lightweight, aerospace-grade antibacterial aluminum. It comes in a smooth-flush, IP68 waterproof 46mm case, 10+ days battery life and the IPS Display is made from Corning Gorilla Glass, which is rugged and crack-resistant.

MessyWeekend INUIT Snow Goggles

FINAL HOURS! The easy interchangeable XE2-lens is an improvement of our XE1 lens. The dual-layered lens is manufactured of a grade 1 optical quality polycarbonate, which makes them both thin, light-weight, and practically unbreakable. They provide a high-contrast view, and the violet base secures enhanced color recognition unveiling details normally invisible for the naked eye.

WalkingPad R1 Pro

The WalkingPad R1 Pro is the perfect treadmill to get your daily cardio in while you work in front of a desk or watch TV at home. With its foldable and small footprint design, it can fit in just about any room. Start walking or running at your leisure without even leaving your house.

Guardian of the Clow: 3D Pins & Bottle Opener

This team researched and looked at the style of Americana traditional tattoos to serve as an inspiration. Americana traditional tattoos served as a visual representation of counter-culture, and they took that to heart when they designed these accessories. With the world being as uncertain as it is, these pins give a sense of hope, flair, and encouragement.

COFFEEJACK™- The Pocket Sized Barista

COFFEEJACK™ is able to produce espresso coffee at low cost, high quality and complete portability. You’ll never require another way of making coffee! This team’s goal is to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups by making the quality and convenience available outside of expensive coffee shops COFFEEJACK™ = No disposable cups, up to 85% saving and the same great taste

LABFRESH | Stylish Performance Pants

FINAL HOURS TO SAVE 37%! Get ready to dress more stylish, without compromising on performance and comfort. Combined with the superior craftsmanship and enforced seems and thread these pants will outlast any other pants in your closet. The outside repels liquids and semi-liquids, while the inside is anti-bacterial and odor repellent.

The Galaxy in Crystal Glass - The Big Sphere

A designer sphere on the base of star catalogs, developed alongside the Startetz card game. Withing the sphere, the Milky Way in a Sphere in 15cm/5.9″ diameter!This contains a book with anecdotes for each constellation, to get a better overview and to learn some names and characteristics of the stars.

Crua Modus | 6-in-1 Camping System

At its core, the Crua Modus is a tent. But it’s not just any tent. This all-in-one camping system by your favorite outdoor Kickstarters is also your sleeping bag, air-mattress, bug mesh, flysheet, picnic blanket, temperature regulator and hammock! We think you’ll find that nearly every piece of the Modus is multi-functional. You could say that it’s modus operandi…

ShiftCam Multi-Lens for iPhone 11

The ShiftCam Multi-Lens Case is a compact, integrated multi-lens iPhone case, now available for the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro, that switches lenses in fractions of a second — adding unparalleled versatility and quality to your iPhone 11 & 11 Pro cameras. Capture the perfect photos and angles instantly with different focal lengths, filters and focus distances all available in a single, simple shift on ShiftCam’s integrated all-in-one sliding lens case.