Dungeon Royale Board Game (JUST LAUNCHED!)

Dungeon Royale is an entry level strategy board game that mimics retro handheld console gameplay (and box/board design). Players begin with a certain number of lives based on their level w/in the game. When they are killed by other players, they re-spawn back at the beginning as if in a video game.

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Monster Adventure Terrain for D&D | JUST LAUNCHED!

Monster Adventure Terrain is the world’s first fully modular and AFFORDABLE 3D world-building system for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games. These pieces are specially designed so you can construct and reconstruct your game worlds in an instant. With the “snap on” system, all you have to do is “click” your pieces into place.

Empire of the Ghouls for 5th Edition DnD

A full adventure from levels 1 to 13 that begins with stirrings of ghoul trouble in Zobeck and eventually sends heroes into the Underworld to confront the leaders of the ghoul uprising. It includes new undead magic, a detailed tour of the Ghoul Empire, new monsters, and unforgettable villains.


In SPACE INVADERS – THE BOARD GAME, 2-4 players defend their moon base against the SPACE INVADERS by moving their cannons across the game board in order to gather intelligence about the enemy above them. Don’t miss your chance to pledge for Kickstarter-exclusive game room merch and your own deluxe copy of the game.

Ashes to Ashes KS Exclusive Game | FINAL HRS!

Ashes to Ashes is a game for 2-5 players (45 min.)During the game, the human and vampire factions will fight themselves: the annihilation of one of them is one of the other ways to win a game. They will also face the members of a Secret Society (formed by members of these races), which wants to pursue their own goal and can be played as a third faction or by a bot.

The Game Canopy Deep Space™

Remember all those times trying to find a bag big enough to carry the oversized and heavy games from your collection, only to become so frustrated that you ultimately left them home? Introducing the newest member of the Game Canopy System – The Deep Space! Now you can carry all those Big Box games and anniversary editions to your game nights.

Eldritch Foundry | Miniature Crafter

Beholden to the gods of dice and dungeons, Eldritch Foundry brings miniatures from the far reaches of the outer planes. But not any miniatures. This expert team of Gnome Wizards work tirelessly to bring the most customizable and powerful figures for your character. Their sleek, seamless, flash-less miniatures are unrivaled in appearance and each is blessed by a team of Clerics.

Customized 3-in-1 Checkers | JUST LAUNCHED!

The latest innovation to a beloved board game classic- a completely new product design that combines three functions: 1) wall hang-able art engraving, 2) checkerboard/checkers, 3) small hidden storage. The 3-IN-1 CHECKERS SET IS BEAUTIFUL, JOYFUL AND FUNCTIONAL EVERY SECOND you keep it in your home or office.

Non-Official Gloomhaven Playmats

Improve your game experience with these customized limited edition playmats designed by Crafting Kingdoms, compatible with the best game of all time. Comes in 2 design types: player mats and monster mats. With these, each player can organize their game area in a comfortable way, giving access to each component of the game while enjoying a better aesthetic upon the table.

Verge of War: SCI-FI Wargame | JUST LAUNCHED!

Verge Of War: a scalable and balanced miniatures wargame with RPG elements, representing planetary battles in the original Sci-Fi Universe. Verge Of War is a classical wargame with RPG elements. The game uses
six-sided dice, D6. Before the battle begins, your commander chooses skills from three sets that reflect different strategies, doctrines or military specialties.

Charmed & Dangerous | 500% FUNDED!

Charmed and Dangerous: The Sisters Grimm is a cooperative, adventure card game that gives 1-4 players the chance to take on the role of a classic fairy tale Princess, reimagined as a RPG style adventurer. You and your friends can choose to face a different Villainess and her amassed Forces of Evil each time you play.

Fantasy Grounds Unity

Fantasy Grounds is a popular system for playing a host of different roleplaying games online. It is used by more than 130,000 gamers worldwide to connect and play popular games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, and more. It’s been completely rebuilt from the ground up in Unity. This new game engine has all the great features of current version of Fantasy Grounds (soon to be called Fantasy Grounds Classic) along with new enhanced features.

Twisty Little Passages

Twisty Little Passages is a game of full-color, fully-illustrated thematic puzzles. Engage your imagination in a series of dungeon crawls and enjoy the experience of interacting with a real book at the same time. Play it easily wherever you go! If you like puzzles, mazes and dungeon crawl adventures, you’ll find this a uniquely engaging experience!

Fickle: A Fairy Board Game | JUST LAUNCHED!

Gather a diverse Alliance to win the Fairy Crown! A casual board game of fairy set collection. You have 5 rounds to win the Ritual of Ascendancy. Outwit your fellow players by manipulating their Fairy Cards. Choose a Fairy Family to gain its power and add it to your scoring Alliance. The winner must gather a single Fairy from each family, or “Shoot the Moon” to win with a single faction.

🚀 Space Race 🚀 | FINAL HOURS!

The world struggles in the Cold War, and many see the sky as the next battlefield. A new chapter of extraterrestrial exploration is about to begin. The technological boundaries will be pushed further than the humanity has ever imagined. Do you have what it takes to lead a daring space agency into a new age of human achievement?

Drama Mayhem | Game Night

DM (Drama Mayhem) is a comical scenario role-play game where players take turns acting out funny, dramatic roles against each other to win the judge’s favor and DM game points. The unique combination of possibilities between drawing the scenario, flipping for role characters, and picking a quirk feature are endless create hilarious role-plays every game round!

Omicron Protocol | JUST LAUNCHED!

Omicron Protocol is an “intra-apocalyptic”, squad-based arena combat miniatures game that is fun for all tabletop gamers. In the game, every character is represented by a detailed 32mm-scale miniature, possessing their own rich history and personality, as well as powerful cybernetic abilities! 2-4 players battle it out (or you can play a solo mode too!).