Dungeons & Lasers 3 - Just Launched!

Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition is a collection of fully customizable modular plastic terrain, dungeons, fantasy towns, dragons, mins, and more!  It’s affordable, has superior quality, saves you time on assembly, fits your games, and is perfect for every encounter. With this, your game table will become anything you want – a Dungeon filled with monsters, a town full of folks, or anything you can think of!

Agents of SMERSH

The most EPIC storytelling game of all time! In Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition, 1-4 players take on the role of Elite Government Secret Agents traveling the world in search of Dr. Lobo and his Henchmen on an EPIC mission to bring them down.

Grim Hollow

Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire offers over 300 new monsters, tailor-made for a dark fantasy campaign. The foes detailed in this supplement, ranging from capricious fey to corrupt fiends, can fit nicely into any 5e campaign.


Florence is an area control game where the areas you seek to hold will change from round to round, as the Medici make their way from one party to the next. Designed by Dean Morris, Florence is the culmination of years of hard work, and a fitting finale to our trilogy of Mediterranean Euro games.

Lost Empires

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun is a fast-paced card game that rewards patience and precise strategy with powerful opportunities to initiate an attack. With the unique command system and varying actions, every decision the player makes is crucial in controlling the objectives to crush your enemies’ faction.

Food Truck Rooz Race

Food Truck Rooz Race is the first part of an episodic gaming experience featuring the Apparooz who have crossed over from their dimension into ours… Players can play old-school or with the aid of their smart device that unlocks enhanced gameplay through the app.

Bar Fight

Bar Fight is a fast-paced, trick-taking card game. Represent a bar at the Bar Fight Cocktail Competition and out-mix your opponents to win it all! Mix drinks, impress judges, become the champion! Bring this fun card game to your next game night!

Cyber Odyssey

The creators of the Okko Chronicles, The RED JOKER, are back with Cyber-Odyssey! Play as a group of heroes working for an organization and try to solve a string of strange murders in the city of New Eden in Cyber-Odyssey!

Polyhedral Potions

Polyhedral Potions are 7-piece dice sets inspired by classic RPG spells. Each comes packaged in a rounded plastic potion bottle and an authentic cork stopper! These dice sets come in 3 distinct swirls of color.

Storm Weavers

Enter a game world that makes every fantasy fan feel at home. Back Storm Weavers and discover the elements of Nordic and Celtic lore, references to Beowulf, The Poetic Edda, Lord of the Rings, and more!

CATastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives

Just Launched! In this 2-6 player family game, you’ll be clawing your way to victory at every turn to be crowned the ultimate champion. But be careful, it’s no catwalk! CATastrophic events will have you competing in exciting mini-games.

Cellulose - Final Hours!

Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game is a worker placement game that puts 1-5 players inside a plant cell, where they will compete over limited resources in order to undergo photosynthesis, produce carbohydrates, and build the cell wall to score points.

Venture Maidens - Last Chance!

Enter a world of high fantasy where both gods and mortals war against the binding threads of fate. Venture Maidens is a 5th Edition roleplaying setting born from the actual-play podcast of the same name, which five femmes bring to life every week for thousands of listeners.

Board Royale 2 - Final Hours!

Wild beasts, army of the dead, secret agendas…that’s right Board Royale is BACK in an exciting new way! This new chapter of Board Royale lets you decide how you want to play! Back now for new weapons, fun disguise items, and 5 unique expansions.

Transmissions - Last Chance!

In Transmissions, designed by Adam West, players will build a group of robots and lead them in creating new ideas and completing projects. The game is for one to four players, ages 10+, and plays in around 45 to 60 minutes.