Eila and Something Shiny | 2 Days Left!

Deep in the forest, Eila, an innocent rabbit, is attracted by something shiny on the hill. With courage and passion, she sets out on a journey to find the mysterious glow. Make good choices for her as every step you take affects this Choose Your Own Path game. Eila and Something Shiny is a solo or cooperative board game with unique mechanics, providing you with a highly immersive and interactive story that is waiting for you to explore. At the same time, the game could still provide a LOT of replayability!

Escape The Night Board Game

The Savant has invited his friends from the modern world to his newly inherited estate, which only exists in the year 1920. Upon arrival, they discover the house is possessed of an ancient evil, and they must escape before sunrise or be devoured by it!

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles

Caught in an otherwordly storm, the luxury ocean liner you were traveling on ran aground on a dinosaur island, losing all contact with the world you knew. Your new home is a land of danger and mystery, but also beauty and opportunity. Do you have what it takes to persevere?

The Shivers | Just Launched!

A note appears in your mailbox one day: someone is lost inside the old haunted house down the street. It may be a cry for help or a trap. What do you do? This one-of-a-kind 3D pop-up haunted house adventure is filled with magic, mystery, and wonder!

Catapult Kingdoms

Two households, the Chauforts and the Cunningfields, both alike in dignity, in their fair kingdoms. If only there wasn’t that ancient grudge. Ready, aim the catapults, LAUNCH! Build your castle, set up your troops, and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor. Who will be the last person standing?

MechaTop | Ending Soon!

MechaTop is a board game system where you deploy on the battlefield all the models of your favorite mecha that you already have at home. The innovative game mechanics “cockpit control system” will give you a frantic battle experience like the ones you see on TV!

RPG Squeeze Series 2 | Just Launched!

Get your own cute, squishy, dungeon crawl critters. Each RPG Squeeze is a blind-box, so you don’t know what you are getting. However, as a Kickstarter backer, you will get the chance to pick which monster you want, but the color will still be a surprise!

Car Wars Sixth Edition

The original game of autoduelling returns! Jump into Car Wars Sixth Edition now! It includes custom plastic miniatures, a redesigned combat system, individual player dashboards, and hundreds of ways to customize your car!

D&D Dice Tower & Other Accessories

JUST LAUNCHED! These hand-assembled items combine convenience and unique designs that carry the atmosphere of your game. You don’t need to assemble anything, so you can start playing as soon as you get it! Made of high-quality birch plywood, it’s made with quality for those who care.

Pitch&Plakks | 3 Days Left!

Pitch&Plakks is the new wooden Mini Golf board game, for all ages, where you can build countless circuits (as a puzzle) and compete with friends and family. What is the main goal? Getting the ball into the hole with the minimum kicks possible, hitting the ball with your finger.

Neko Ghost, Jump!

Switch between 2D and 3D camera perspectives at any time to solve puzzles and find weak points in certain enemies in this platformer. You can also switch to a ghost form. You use this primarily for combat purposes, but there are hidden items and puzzles that will require the ghost form as well.