Terraforming Mars: Turmoil | FINAL HOURS!

With over $1.2 million pledged and more than 22,000 backers, Terraforming Mars: Turmoil is the biggest and most strategic expansion for the best selling tile placement and card drafting game, Terraforming Mars.

Expand your experience with the base game and become an expert on controlling your in-game council and global events. Base level backers get 5 Dual-Layer Player Boards and more than 20 Promo Cards for their pledges!

All these backers can’t be wrong… The latest expansion for the hit tabletop classic is available NOW on Kickstarter for just a few more hours HERE!

Kingdom Rush: Rift In Time | FINAL HRS!

Thanks to overwhelming fan support, the project was funded in less than an hour! It’s an adaptation of a mobile hit developed by Ironhide studio, which has gathered millions of fans around the world. It’s a full-fledged tower defense game but played on your table! The players’ main task is to defend the kingdom from the wrath of the Time Mage charging in with his ferocious minions.

Cthulhu Wars | Daemon Sultan

All new content and miniature for the acclaimed strategy boardgame in which the players take the part of alien races and gods taken from the Cthulhu mythos created by H. P. Lovecraft. The game is physically large, and includes sixty-four figurines of the cultists, monsters, aliens, and Great Old Ones that range in height from approximately 20 mm to nearly 180 mm.

Ultimate Bestiary 5E | FINAL HOURS!

Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed is not another A-Z of monsters. Instead, it focuses on some of the commonly encountered undead and accursed monsters like ghosts, ghouls, liches, lycanthropes, and vampires, detailing their origins, environments, and attitudes, as well as introducing a wide variety of stat blocks to suit a range of challenge levels, with a huge variety of unique artwork.

All-metal Construction Set | FINAL HOURS!

A new perspective in the world of construction sets – unique models made of metal, which you can personally assemble. Each model has a detailed instruction in several languages. However, the assembling process will be much easier than you’d think. Inside the package you’ll see the special black envelope divided into sections. Special plates with metal parts will be inside. They’re produced by chemical etching method and have smoothed and safe edges.

Anachrony | Expansion and Infinity Box

The base game was originally released in 2017, Anachrony is a worker placement and tableau building game set in a foreboding future. Whether you’re a backer of our original Kickstarter campaign, bought the game in your local game store or completely new to the world of Anachrony, this campaign has you covered!

Lancer RPG by Massif Press

Lancer features a mix of military science fiction and mythic science fantasy. In the setting, conscript pilots mix ranks with flying aces, mercenary guns-for-hire brawl with secretive corpostate agents, and relativistic paladins cross thermal lances with causality-breaking entities. Will you fight to liberate your people from all masters, human or otherwise? Or will you fight only for yourself?

Hostage Negotiator: Career

HN Career is a system that turns your Hostage Negotiator experience into a connected, epic, 10 year campaign. You will experience more than just the tense moments of your negotiations. A campaign will generally take a total of 4-6 hours of game time and the system is completely replayable and the events of the campaign and which Abductors you face will be different each time!

Runes & Regulations: Suburban Sorcery

Runes & Regulations is a 2-4 player strategic card game that combines the aggressiveness of a horde of dragons with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn. Immerse yourself in this world of magic and the mundane by summoning mythical pets and casting powerful spells, all within the comfort of your own home.

Drama Mayhem | Game Night Will Never Be The Same.

DM (Drama Mayhem) is a comical scenario role-play game where players take turns acting out funny, dramatic roles against each other to win the judge’s favor and DM game points. The unique combination of possibilities between drawing the scenario, flipping for role characters, and picking a quirk feature are endless create hilarious role-plays every game round!

Charmed & Dangerous | Over 200% FUNDED!

Charmed and Dangerous: The Sisters Grimm is a cooperative, adventure card game that gives 1-4 players the chance to take on the role of a classic fairy tale Princess, reimagined as a RPG style adventurer. You and your friends can choose to face a different Villainess and her amassed Forces of Evil each time you play.

LUCI | Immersion-on-Demand

LUCI allows you to watch videos, play games and follow your FPV. You can also use it as an extra monitor for your coding and designing; or an EVF for your camera. LUCI immers is designed based on the IOD standard and along with its ingenious engineering innovations, it allows you to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience anytime and anywhere.

Keychron K2 | Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Designed for versatility, the K2 connects via Bluetooth or with a cable. It can connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. Connect wirelessly with up to three devices at once and switch between screens for efficient multitasking and increased productivity. You can also use our type-C cable to connect the keyboard to your devices.

The Parlour Playing Cards

The Parlour Playing Cards deck will be printed by Cartamundi on crushed paper stock using a proprietary B9 true linen finish. Although it is a standard looking deck designed to perform and to play with, the Parlour deck features many improvements, refinements and details above your typical run-of-the-mill playing card deck.

StygianForce | Mobile Gaming Kit

Do you play games like Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars or other games on the go? Always trying to find some way to up your game? Want a simple portable plug and play solution? This accessory kit is the perfect mod for you. Ideal for casual or hardcore gamers alike, you can now have the winning edge you have always wanted while gaming on your smartphones.

Modular RPG Battle Mat Book

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats are a pair of modular Battle Map Books that combine to give you up to an epic 2’x2’ encounter battle mat while still fitting in your bag and on your bookshelf alongside your rule books.  Hundreds of combinations, size and shape options, all wipe clean and fully customizable for your adventure.

The RODA Gyroscope

Created by Chicago’s Mechanical Design Labs, the RODA is a beautiful and hypnotic desktop object. Spin the brass wheel up to speed with its ripcord, and set it on the aluminum stand, or hold it in your hands and balance it on your fingertip. Bearings allow it to be spun on its vertical axis too.