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 Crowdfunding Favorites

A new game from Glenn Drover (Age of Empires III, Railways of the World, Raccoon Tycoon & Lizard Wizard), Mosaic is a real civilization-building game, with everything that you expect from one: technologies, wonders, cities, expansion, resources, trade goods, Golden Ages, achievements, governments, leaders and more!

Paperback Adventures
Solo word game. Hop from genre to genre in a quest spanning various pulp novels.
Deck of Worlds
A deck of worldbuilding prompts for creating imagined lands by The Story Engine.
Um, Actually – The Game
A fun & quick board game based upon the popular trivia show of nerdy corrections.
Dragon Bound Hollow RPG Dice
Large jewelry quality, hollow & solid metal RPG Dice sets that channel dragon spirits.
Groovy Dice
Mid-century inspired crushed stone RPG dice sets for tabletop gaming.
Magical Kitties Level Up!
The all-ages RPG levels up with an epic adventures source book, workbook & more!
Into the Mother Lands TTRPG
An original Afrofuturist TTRPG developed by a fantastic team of POC RPG designers. 
D&D Storage Box by Smonex
Useful RPG accessories: handmade storage box, dice tray, notebook, dice box & more.

Interview: Coyote & Crow

We recently spoke with Coyote & Crow creator Conner Alexander, a Cherokee Nation citizen, about his game, his crowdfunding journey, and cultural representation in the tabletop industry.

Webinar REPLAY w/ Kickstarter

If you are crowdfunding a book or comic watch our latest webinar featuring the Director of Publishing & Comics Outreach at Kickstarter Oriana Leckert.





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