Nemesis Lockdown

Nemesis Lockdown is a standalone expansion to the hit Board Game Nemesis. It builds on the tense, cinematic experience Nemesis is known for, adding even more opportunities for emergent, dramatic gameplay. Become an unlikely survivor, locked in an underground base with something terrifying. Turn up your paranoia, as you try to guess what other players are up to, or what the contingency plan is. And whatever you do, be ready for unexpected!

Sugar Heist

Sugar Heist is a card game where players collect, trade, and steal candy cards. Dominate your opponents and strategically heist their sweets as you battle it out for the biggest stash of candy. Sugar Heist is quick to learn, family-friendly, and takes 45 to 60 minutes to play.

Bristol 1350: A Medieval Game

The dreaded Black Death has descended upon the town of Bristol. You are racing down the streets, desperate to escape into the safety of the countryside. If your cart is the first out of town you and your cart-mates win! Or do you? What will you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? And who will you trust (or betray) along the way?

Frosthaven and Gloomhaven Playmats

Because big games deserve a complete set of playmats. Improve your game experience with these customized limited edition playmats, designed by Crafting Kingdoms. Choose from 2 different designs (Frost and Classic) and 3 different sizes (Large, Medium, Small) of player mats and also 2 different designs of monster mats.

7 Fortunes (Greek Mythology Edition)

JUST LAUNCHED! 7 Fortunes is a 2 – 6 player Battle Arena board game based on Greek Mythology. You choose a champion who can be a Greek God, Heroic Mortal, or Infamous Monster, build/gain wealth and experience, use actions to steal and protect Victory Points acquired during the game, and reach the target for the win!

Railroad Ink Challenge

Railroad Ink Challenge is a quick-playing roll and write game for 1 – 4 players. Grab a board and a dry-erase marker and get ready to reach networking nirvana. Expand your network with railways, highways, and stations to collect points, but you will be penalized for any open connections, so plan carefully!

Bullet♥︎ — Shoot-em-up Puzzle Action

In this board game, each heroine wields a different power that changes the game: master paper, gravity, guns, music, and more to defend the Earth! Play in realtime to form Patterns, clear your board, and attack. Fight back the bullet curtain coming at you each round and be the last Heroine standing to win.

Dungeons Box POCKET

Everything you love about the original Dungeons Box, NOW in a more compact design that fits right in your pocket! Ready to go, wherever the adventure may take you! Meets every need a modern Tabletop RPG player may have, while creating something that could be used anywhere. It is the ultimate all-in-one tabletop gaming travel case that fits right in your back pocket!

Aegis of Empires | Final Days!

This 600-page RPG fantasy-horror adventure saga blends mystery, exploration, fantasy, horror, and deep lore in the incredibly detailed and richly evocative world of the Lost Lands Campaign Setting. Available in PDF and print for DnD 5E, Pathfinder First Edition, and Pathfinder Second Edition!

Zombie Circus Goats | Final Hours!

Zombie Circus Goats is the strategic new card game about everyone’s favorite things: zombies, goblins, goats, and shouting. Build your troupe. Steal your friends’ Goats. Howl in victory! For 2-6 live players. 30-90 minutes adjustable playtime. Host nights of howling infamy.

Desk Wizards: Miniature Painting Organizers

Designed to provide an extremely versatile solution for in-use paints, individual projects, and full desk organization by keeping your favorite paints, tools, phone, and even your Hobby Holder at the ready. It’s a unique way to keep your painting space clean and efficient whether you work on the kitchen table or have an entire painting studio.

War of Ashird

War of Ashird is a unique combination of classic turn-based and grid-based RPGs. In it, you can command your soldiers in strategic battles, conquer enemy kingdoms’ territories, and live as a ruler! The game also has a cast of more than 20 playable characters for you to recruit—each with their own unique personality.

Roll & Play: Game Master's Tabletop Toolkit

Even the most experienced game masters need a helping hand sometimes, and that is where Roll & Play comes in. This 84-page book is packed with generators, loot producers, and setting inspiration which will help you master your game on the fly, and help to add richer detail to the world you create.

Exalted Vales: Region & Campaign Guide for D&D 5E

Exalted Vales is an elaborate campaign setting for D&D 5e. What happens when mystical events are part of everyday life? What does adventure look like in a city to which thousands of pilgrims flock every day to seek the advice of a blind oracle with the power to transcend anyone’s life with a few words?

Dark Table CCG | Final Hours!

Set in a grim Lovecraftian theme, Dark Table brings a unique strategic experience with up to 4 players battling in a free-for-all, using temporary alliances and mutual interest to get ahead. Select your leader and build your deck around it to survive the onslaught and claim your world.