Oceans: a standalone game in the Evolution series

Oceans is a 2-6 player strategy game in the Evolution game series where you create a vibrant web of marine life through millions of years of evolution. The Evolution games are known for vivid themes, easy rules, and hidden depth.

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Dragons of the Red Moon

Dragons are intriguing creatures of absolute intelligence, wit, strength, and magic, are the indisputable kings and queens of mythical beasts, taking part in the birth of fantasy as a genre. Being a recurring figure in several cultures since ancient times, has given them an arcane mysticism which has captivated and fascinated our minds.

Character Coins | RPG Dice Dungeons

Dice Dungeons is creating metal miniatures in the form of character coins. The unique 12 pack sets of coins are perfectly sized for 1” battle mats and grids. Easy to transport, fun to use, and versatile – these coins are a must have for RPG fans, DMs on the run, or anyone who always wants to have their character easily available in their pocket!

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

Tsukuyumi is a highly asymmetrical strategy game involving deep game play and an immersive story. It has been launched once before and released to rave reviews, but this time, however, we are including miniature figures giving this game the treatment is deserves. The creator team also have a few new surprises planned along the way, and they hope you join along for the ride!

World of the Lost Lands (FINAL HRS!)

The Lost Lands are the setting for a tremendous array of over 150 individual adventures and sourcebooks already published by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. Many of these resources provide statistics in multiple game systems. All of this material is available to provide an almost inexhaustible resource of ready-made adventures and epic quests!

LUCI Immers | Immersion-on-Demand

LUCI allows you to watch videos, play games and follow your FPV. You can also use it as an extra monitor for your coding and designing; or an EVF for your camera. LUCI immers is designed based on the IOD standard and along with its ingenious engineering innovations, it allows you to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience anytime and anywhere.

Ascension Playing Cards

The latest playing card offering from the House of Steve Minty. Beautifully crafted for lifelong use and collectibility. ALL OF THE TUCKS WILL BE FOILED AND EMBOSSED! As some of you may now from my previous decks, the foiling and embossing is superb and a very nice touch to the decks.

LIFE SIPHON from Lay Waste Games

Dragons have taken over the surface, forcing humans underground. During explorations, you and your fellow humans discover a box with an orange glowing eye on the outside. The words DO NOT OPEN are carved on the sides. Of course you open it…ONLY TO BE INSTANTLY CURSED! The only escape is to take out your closest friend with your new cursed powers to summon Familiars and cast spells at the cost of your own life.

Girl with no Name Comic

Girl With No Name is a Slamdance award-winning script currently in development with CO-OP Entertainment and Legion M. Picture a fast paced action-adventure with a strong female lead (think Katniss from The Hunger Games or Ripley from Alien) set in a highly visualized (think 300 or Kingsmen) version of the old west.

Humblewood Campaign Setting for 5e DND

In the world of Everden, nestled between the mighty Crest mountain range and the vast marshes of the Mokk Fields, lies a mystical forest known as Humblewood that hums with the Great Rhythm of nature. Humblewood has endured for centuries thanks to the industry and compassion of its people…

HeroBook GM | 5E Notebook (FINAL HRS!)

The game master is the heart of every good tabletop game: they’re the medium, the mythos, the monsters, and everything in between. To be a great game master is to be a transparent window into a teeming, expansive fantasy realm. HeroBook GM makes all of that faster, simpler, and more elegant.

Cuttlefish Colors | Hobby Paint Line

Cuttlefish Colors is a hobby acrylic paint line that was created by a team with a passion for all things art and hobby creativity. Their studio-designed paints are developed for longevity and vividness. These paints work and blend very well with other major brands of hobby paint on the market right now, but at a much cheaper price tag.

Little Diablo | JUST LAUNCHED!

From comedy writer Andy Breckman, comedian Jon Lovitz and Breaking Games… meet Little Diablo! At first glance, it’s an innocent-looking memory game. BUT…  While you’re trying to concentrate, Diablo is insulting you, taunting you, trying to distract you. Over 50 hysterical insults, in a random continuous loop. He’s RELENTLESS.

Own Your Stigma Pins (FINAL HRS!)

BONUS PROJECT WE LOVE! Embrace the stigma, and take power away from those that stigmatize you. Own your stigma, rewrite the narrative, and end it. The elegantly designed enamel pins of this project focus on ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. If any of these pins resonate with you, just know it’s a gentle reminder that you’re not alone.