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 Gaming Favorites

Introducing the first-printing premium edition of Sushi Boat, designed by Dario Massarenti and Francesco Testini! Featuring a dynamic, wooden game board that changes as sushi is eaten and added, with delicious-looking sushi art on the plates and yummy side dishes, Sushi Boat is an easy and fun game for all ages (down to age 8).

Queerz RPG – Just Launched!
The super sentai LGBTQ-themed tabletop RPG based on the “QUEERZ!” manga.
Beware of Bears
Just Launched! A card game for the bold & brave. It’s like Russian Roulette – Bear Style.
Tanares RPG – 5e
RPG Adventure + Supplement for 5th Edition, with Ed Greenwood, Amy Vorpahl, & more!
Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats
A line of paints from the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy.
Monster Adventure Terrain 2
Just Launched! A modular 3D DnD gaming terrain set for tabletop RPGs, minis, & more.
HEX: The Magnetic Organizer
These hexagonal magnetic organizers will enhance your tabletop like never before.
Herbalist’s Primer
An illustrated guide to real-world magical plants for magicians, worldbuilders, & GMs.
Valda’s Spire of Secrets
Unleash 5e with this compendium of groundbreaking classes, spells, feats & more!
Solar Sphere
Fight off the Resistance & build the Solar Sphere in this thematic dice placement game.
Earth Rising
A cooperative board game about saving the world. For 1 to 6 players.
A 5e compendium of early-level quests and adventures, led by the clumsy Ser Nominus!
Portable Paint Case
Just Launched! Portable painting station for your miniatures, paints, & other craft supplies.

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Wondering how to advertise your upcoming crowdfunding campaign but you just don’t know where to start? Start here.

Crowdfunding To-Do List

Stay on track at every stage of your crowdfunding campaign with this checklist. 





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