The Tales of Alethrion - An Adventure Board Game

The Tales of Alethrion – An Adventure Board Game takes place in the Tales of Alethrion universe, a 2D animated fantasy web series where you follow epic heroes and heroines on their intertwining journeys toward a mysterious treasure located at the X on a legendary treasure map. Embark on a quest with your favorite characters from the YouTube series Tales of Alethrion!

Urban Shadows: Second Edition

More than six years later, they are returning to the dark streets of the city for Urban Shadows: Second Edition, updating the game’s rules, look, and tools to better support moving stories of political urban fantasy. Featuring new playbooks, new faction mechanics, and completely revised materials from the first edition, Urban Shadows 2E will thrust you into the danger and drama of the city like never before!

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is a game in which you take a character from birth and you live the life you always wanted. Using a worker-placement mechanism, with time as your workers, you take on projects, get jobs, buy items, establish relationships, and raise families. The possibilities are endless. How much will you be able to achieve in just one lifetime?

USS Freedom | Just Launched!

USS Freedom is a fun, cooperative, open world, free-roaming, space-themed board game. Sail into the vastness of space aboard the starship Freedom in its three-year quest: a fully replayable campaign that consists of about 36 standalone sessions lasting 60 minutes each.

MOLA MOLA Sunfish: Enamel Pins

FINAL DAYS! BackerKit’s own drawn by DNA hopes to get more people interested in the strange, bizarre world that’s underneath the water with these hand-drawn fishy pins. Each fish pin is a reflection of their actual sizes, so they’re all different sized pins! $1 of every pin pledged for will be donated to the nonprofits Gill Tract Farm and Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.

Blinks Game System & Expansion

FINAL DAYS! Blinks is the world’s first smart tabletop game system. A Blink is an intelligent game piece that responds to touch, is magnetic, and communicates with neighbors. Each Blink knows a single game. Getting started is easy. Just grab your Blink, choose your game, and connect them together to get started in seconds.

Neo-Morphosis: Infestation

FINAL HOURS! It is 2159 and you are living on an Earth frozen by a man-made Ice Age. You are a member of the 4 man resupply crew arriving for your first day on the job at the World Exit Research Station. You’ll be joining one of the many research projects taking humanity to the stars. You are going to save the world, but not the way you expected to!

Escape the Dark Sector

The second game in the Escape the Dark series, Escape the Dark Sector is a simple, sci-fi adventure game for 1 to 4 players with a focus on atmosphere, storytelling and player cooperation. It takes just a few minutes to set up, lasts around 45 minutes, and each mission is randomly generated so no two games are ever the same.

Dragonbond: Great Wyrms of Drakha

For millennia, they have ruled over their broods. They lord over vast portions of the Red Moon so dreaded by most beings in Valerna. Theirs is the scourge. They are the rage. They are power consummate and might incarnate. These are the 7 Azhurmas of Drakha. The time has come to rise and face them in battles truly epic in scope. They welcome your challenge.

Asunder: A Dark Fantasy RPG

Asunder is a dark tabletop RPG set in a dying world without metal. The divine Essence inside humans bonded with elements of their world, allowing them to reshape plants and insects into living weapons and complex tools, command beasts, grow multiple limbs, defy gravity and wield Chaos.

The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza!

JUST LAUNCHED! A trio of games that take you by feather, rail, and epic tale featuring Allegory, Enchanted Plumes, and Mass Transit!