Trogdor!! The Board Game

From the Brothers Chaps and James Ernest comes Trogdor!! the Board Game.

Trogdor!! is a co-op puzzle, area control game where 2-6 players work together to help a beefy-armed dragon completely decimate a kingdom using unique powers and items all while avoiding knights and archers bent on stopping you.

Play time is 30-45 minutes with variable levels of difficulty the players can set, for age ranges 14 and up. Pick up your copy with minis exclusively on Kickstarter right now HERE!

Your Best Game Ever!

Your Best Game Ever is not your typical RPG sourcebook. It’s not a book with adventures, spells, creatures, or magic items. It’s not a book for characters at all, but a book for players! If you play or run roleplaying games, this book is for you!

The Séfu Switch Bag

A minimal bag with a focus on protection, accessibility, and quality materials that was just the right size to carry your Switch and a few daily essentials. The removable center divide not only protects your screen but it also holds 12 games. Open up the possibility to carry a variety of things including you need for everyday life!

Reflection Cards

Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful connections. Each deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience. The cards are great to use with friends, partners, and family, or for reflecting with your journal.