Experienced creators know that the launch of a new project is a thrilling time for creators. It’s a crucial stage for rallying community support and generating excitement. For Mini Museum, launches are even more remarkable as they unveil the project’s one-of-a-kind specimens. This tradition has been upheld in their past four campaigns. With the launch of Mini Museum 5: The Fifth Edition on Crowdfunding by BackerKit, their first in five years, they recognized the importance of commemorating this special moment. So they worked closely with our team to create a special community event to celebrate this occasion.

Introducing: BackerKit Launch Party

To enhance the launch day experience, we invited the Mini Museum community to come together in a dedicated space 30 minutes before the project went live. As the countdown timer ticked towards the launch, community members got a sneak peek at the fifth edition of the Mini Museum. They also engaged in lively discussions – asking questions to the creators, sharing stories with each other, and getting pumped for the campaign. Once the project went live, the launch party shifted to the campaign page enabling everyone to back the campaign and continue the conversation.

MM5 Launch Party Livestream

Mini Museum’s Best Launch Ever

“Streaming right on the page was such a cool idea and probably the most fun I’ve had interacting with our backer community ever. This is how all launches should be from now on”

– Max Grove from Mini Museum

The Mini Museum’s launch party lasted over three hours and attracted 8,000 unique visitors, and more than 1,300 participated in the chat and polls. Their community’s engagement level was remarkable. Over 1 thousand comments were shared, more than 400 votes were cast in polls, and more than $450,000 was pledged during the live stream. The response from community members was overwhelmingly positive, and the momentum generated by this event propelled their campaign to reach their half-a-million-dollar goal in under 15 hours.

Backing a project is more than receiving a product—for backers, it’s an invitation into the creative process; for creators, it’s an opportunity to grow and nurture their community. Significant campaign milestones offer unique opportunities to bring backers to a project to celebrate a shared interest or accomplishment. That’s why we are building tools that enable creators to elevate important milestones and establish deeper connections with their audience. We are focused on enhancing the crowdfunding experience because we believe that will make crowdfunding more effective for creators and compelling for backers.

Mini Museum 5 livestream campaign


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If you missed the livestream, you can catch the recording here: