#1 Staff Favorite

Introducing the Airdog ADII: The Future is Hands-Free

Document your outdoor adventures with total freedom from remote controllers. Use the built-in distance sensor to customize the flight path without worrying about obstructions or changing altitudes. The motion GPS tracker puts this camera drone in a class of its own, letting you adjust mid-flight whether you’re crushing the waves or shredding the slopes.

NowPresso: First Automated Travel ESPRESSO MACHINE

Get your perfectly extracted caffeine fix on the go with NowPresso, the world’s first portable Nespresso machine. Powered by a lithium battery, it’s cordless and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for camping trips and hikes.

Huger: Powerful, Affordable Electric Skateboards

Huger is everything you wanted in an electric skateboard. Hit speeds up to 25 mph, travel up to 22 miles on a single charge, and tackle hills with up to 25% incline.

Dripkit: Portable Pour Over Coffee

On the road or at the office, get pour-over coffee wherever you are with Dripkit. These self-contained and pocket-sized packets are a mess-free way to brew the perfect cup of coffee. All you need is a cup and hot water!

CRANK Juice Box: Never Run out of Juice

Never run out of juice with the Crank lightweight power bank. Charge your computers, USB devices, cameras, and even jumpstart your car!

ARES: The Versatile Backpack For Work & Gym Needs

Weaving workouts into your busy work schedules? The ARES Work + Gym backpack is the perfect companion designed with a professional, yet modern touch for work environments, with hidden compartments making it super durable and versatile for all your workout needs.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

Jerusalem has been recovered, but as thousands of pilgrims flock to the holy land, danger awaits. Command a Templar Order, traveling through Europe and the Middle East, defeating the enemies on the road while constructing farms and roads to spread your order. Use your unique abilities to become the most powerful knights in the realm.

LUNAR: Most Precise Moon Model with AR Technology

For the astrologist in your life, the LUNAR smart moon is a high-definition 3D-printed model you can hold in your hands. It uses advanced augmented reality technology. Pair it with the app to learn captivating facts and trivia.

PALADIN: Warriors of Charlemagne

Play as a young Frankish squire or knight in service of one of Charlemagne’s powerful vassals. Charge into medieval Europe, acquire glory and riches, become lords, build castles and your own family this tabletop RPG Paladin.

DC-Tri: The First Truly Universal Stand-Up E-Bike

Zip along the streets with this fun tri-commuter electric trike. Battery-powered on green energy, DC-Tri travels up to 30 miles on one charge at top speeds of 15 mph. An LCD screen lets you track your trip and easily switch between five speed levels.

Dead Matter

What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse? Run or fight? Survive the horror in Dead Matter. Players will fight to survive in a zombie-packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever play-style fits you best.

Spire RPG

High elves, rulers of the city, have forced you underground, living lawless in the undercity and forced to beg for scraps. Join the dark elf resistance against their cruel high elf overlords in this urban fantasy-punk tabletop RPG.

Re:Legend - Co-op Monster-Raising RPG

Washed ashore on Vokka Island, start a new life and find ways to recover your lost memories. First you must learn how to live on the island by cultivating the land, befriending villagers, and raising your very own magical creatures in this RPG-simulator hybrid game Re:Legend.

Dream Concept: Zombie Lab (1/18 HACKS Action Figure)

It’s a classic story of survivors against zombies in a post-zombie apocalypse. From Dream Concept, play out the horror with these zombie and survivor 4-inch scale action figures.

Hex Chests Remastered: Artisan Dice Boxes

Heighten your tabletop experience and store your game dice in the beautiful carved Hex Chests dice box. They’re crafted with living wood, precision-carved, and hand-finished to bring out the balanced beauty of natural materials.