#1 Staff Favorite

Apricoat: A Zero-Compromise Jacket for Adventurers

Lost in the Amazon? The Apricoat jacket has a built-in GPS tracker that can send your location to a helicopter or your mom, and with a solar battery, you’ll never run out of power. This high-performance jacket is designed to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, with 16 thoughtful pockets, weight-distribution, integrated sleeve gloves, inflatable hood pillow and a tonne more features that we had no space to write about.

Spinbox: A DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Vinyls are the epitome of coolness but turntables aren’t cheap. The Spinbox makes spinning affordable with its DIY set-up. It has everything you need: a turntable module, sounding and power circuit, amplifier and speakers. Build it in half an hour and start scratching.

Restore Historic Mission Control

Preserve a piece of American History and help restore Mission Control. This cathedral of engineering is in serious decay, deteriorating at threatening levels of eradication. But with the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11, retirees from the space center are working to secure 5 million in funds and turn the center into world-class visitor experience.

The WG Everyday Carry Grill

Fire up a charcoal barbecue out camping or in your backyard with the WG Everyday Carry Grill. This portable stainless steel grill sets up in seconds with a two-part frame and unrolling surface. It’s corrosion-resistant, designed with minimal crevices to prevent bacteria build-up, and has three height configurations.

Beautiful 1910 Emil Busch Glaukar 3.1 Anastigmat Lens Return

Capture the nostalgic mood of early day photography with the reinvented Glauker lens. A pioneer for portrait-effects, this legendary lens uses the original three lens design with a focal length of 97mm. Specially coated lenses produce a fascinating mixture of sharpness, strong colors and, along with 12 aperture blades, beautiful bokeh effects.

Hidizs AP200: The Next Generation Android HiFi Music Player

Unleash high-fidelity sound from every music device. Hidizs AP200 is a breakthrough portable music player that enhances your listening experience. Designed with two separate crystal oscillators in a stainless steel body, the Hidizs adheres to a faithful reproduction of the original sound.

Nise Wave: WiFi Sous Vide with Adaptive Temperature Control

Munching on a Kraft dinner after a long day’s work? Don’t compromise on healthy, home-cooked meals. With the Nise Wave sous vide cooker, you can start cooking from work with the integrated app and come home to gourmet steak and cheesecake!

ORII: Control Your Smartphone Using Only Your Voice

Call your lover discreetly or text like a spy just by touching your ear. The ORII is a voice-assistant ring that turns your finger into a phone. It uses bone conduction technology to send and receive crisp audio through your fingers to your ears, and it’s compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

Pium: Your Personal Aromatherapist

Enlighten your mood with a citrus or mint aroma. Pium is an elegant aromatherapist that automatically scents your home throughout the day with natural essential oils. Its integrated app personalizes the moment by aligning scents to your state of mind.

The Manual Cocktail Collection

Pour out your favorite spirits from this beautiful collection of hand-blown, frosted glass decanters. Decoratively appealing for your home, the corked closure doubles as a measuring dosing jigger, letting you quickly measure out shots for those after-work cocktails.

The World of Kanji

Moving to Tokyo? The World of Kanji makes reading and writing Japanese simpler. Introducing a new learning system, this language book innovates on rote memorization, using etymologies to help you understand the composition and build intuition, as you attempt to memorize all 2136 Chinese characters.

Azio Industry First Luxury Vintage Keyboard

Ink your love letters on this beautiful vintage-inspired mechanical keyboard. The genuine leather surface gives way to a luxurious touch, crafted with a zinc alloy frame with a chrome finish. And with a backlit LED, you can type out your heartbreak throughout the night.

HighBaller: Your Personal Massage Therapist

Relieve all the aches and pains from an exhausting day with the HighBaller. Ergonomically designed, massage balls relax tightened and stiff muscles. It quietens down pain receptors, giving you immediate pain relief, and overtime improves your daily mobility and flexibility.

Elbike: Coolest Ebike at the Best Price

Traditional e-bikes are clunky and, let’s be honest, unattractive. The Elbike redefines the aesthetics, giving you all the convenience of an electric bike without looking like one. The sleek frame is super light and easy to maneuver, with a front-engine hub that gears up to 25 kmh/20mph, getting you to work without a sweat.

Polar Ice Ball 2.0

Whisky on the rocks? Polar Ice Balls bring out the best of flavors. Unlike traditional freezer ice cubes, this ice-maker creates crystal clear ice spheres with no air bubbles or impurities. Now you can enjoy the true taste of your alcoholic concoctions.

Shader: Portable Shade & Personal Sun Protection

Maintain your youthful glow and prevent sunspots and premature wrinkles with the Shader. In the park or on the beach, this sun protector shades your face, letting you enjoy the sun without worrying about facial sun damage.

Conscious Communication Cards: Tools for Talking to Kids

Trouble getting through to your child? Conscious Communication Cards helps parents build stronger relationships with their children. Flash cards curb parents’ negative behavior by reminding you to stay calm and use compassionate language when dealing with a troubled youth or toddler.