#1 Staff Favorite

Arsenal: The Intelligent Camera Assistant

Capture amazing photos and get complete wireless control of your DSLR and mirrorless camera from your smartphone! Arsenal is the world’s first artificial intelligent camera assistant, using advanced algorithms to get you that perfect shot, fine-tuning 18 factors like thermal noise and image stabilization. It’s packed with tons of features, letting you create long exposures without expensive filters. Its app gives you a real-time preview and triggers the shutter within a 100-foot range.

Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Fight for the middle class with the Elizabeth Warren Action Figure. Her sleeves are rolled up, ready to wrestle with the big banks, and she’s got her power blazer on to tackle the patriarchy. She’s running for re-election next year and needs your support!

SCORKL: Breathe Underwater with Total Freedom

Imagine breathing underwater with no tanks weighing you down. SCORKL makes this a reality, giving swimmers absolute freedom to dive freely. This lightweight portable scuba cylinder is easy to use: simply pump it up and dive in. You get up to 10 minutes of underwater exploration.


Walking barefoot on hot sand or on dirty sidewalks? Keep your feet protected with Nakefit. It’s an adhesive pad that sticks to the soles of your feet, letting you walk wherever you want without shoes.

Wetsleeve: Wear Your Hydration

Leave your water bottle at home and hydrate on-the-go with the Wetsleeve wearable. Worn on your forearm, the Wetsleeve makes it easy to quench your thirst – just lift your wrist and bite the mouthpiece. The insulating layer keeps the liquid cool and comes with a mesh lining to let your skin breathe.

Enchant Your Photography: Unleash the Magic Lydith 30/f3.5

Catch incredible lights and colors with the Lydith 30mm focal length lens. From the labs of Meyer-Optik, Lydith is the sharpest and most contrasty lens they’ve manufactured. Get intimate close-ups with its extremely low minimum focusing distance of 0.16m.

Circadia: Sleep Naturally. Stay Energized

Constantly exhausted after a night’s rest? Fight insomnia, grogginess and jet lag with Circadia, a smart therapy lamp that tunes your body clock with its contactless sleep tracker. The system analyzes your sleeping patterns and personalizes a lighting program that boosts your mood, alertness, and helps you sleep faster.

Melodisq: Screenless Music Player for Kids

Let your kids listen, sing, and read-along to their favorite songs and stories with Melodisq, a music player that’s healthier for kids. Melodisq eliminates overexposure to screens, playing digitized content in a controlled environment in a simple toy. Its easily customizable blank ‘disqs’ lets parents can load their favorite mp3.

Dough Universe

Dough Universe lets your kids discover the foundations of electronics with its unique electro dough. Kids can bring their playdough creations to life with the light, sound, and movement kit, teaching them the basics of circuit boards, resistance, and mechanical movement.


Trouble sleeping or concentrating on work? Hypnos smart earbuds help you focus and relax with its noise-cancellation and vibrational stimulation. It’s an all-inclusive earbud, so you can enjoy your music with CD-quality sound, take a call, or connect it to Siri, Alexa, or Google.

Alleviate Stress in 30 Secs with TouchPoints Basic

Whether you’re suffering from autism, ADHD, or prone to anxiety, TouchPoints will reduce your stress levels in 30 seconds. The wearable uses gentle vibrations to alter the body’s stress response, helping you calm down, focus, and even sleep better.

Art of Kindness

Art of Kindness is a new marketplace bringing together artists, collectors, and non-profit organizations. It’s a platform for artists to use their art for social good. Pledge for a piece of artwork and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to your charity of choice.

Art Across Borders: Bring NuMu to LACMA

Help bring the worlds smallest contemporary art museum from Guatemala City to Los Angeles. A replica of NuMu will travel to LACMA as a roving art museum and, at each pit stop, locals will get to experience the artwork and meet artists for free.

Unyte: Interactive Meditation

We all know the benefits of meditation, but traditional methods can be difficult to learn. The Unyte sensor and app combines bio-feedback technology with immersive digital and VR experiences, making meditation easy to learn. Select from over 50 interactive experiences and watch as your body’s feedback is relayed into the app, showing you how to meditate more effectively.

eWheels: Turn Any Pushcart to an Electric Remote Golf Caddie

Decrease fatigue on the golf course and transform your pushcart into a motorized remote controlled caddie. eWheels powers your cart up to 27 holes on a single charge. It automatically adjusts for uphills and downhills and comes with cruise control, so you can walk alongside your clubs.

Blackbelt 3D Printer

Mass-produce special shapes with the Blackbelt 3D Printer. It builds up a workpiece from aside onto a conveyor belt, allowing 3D print series production, unsupported overhangs and producing extraordinary long parts.

Sea Turtle Hat is Here!

The delightful turtle hat is back on the market, and it’s even better than before. It features velcro closure, a side mesh for air flow, and a hidden pocket to stash your cards.