#1 Staff Favorite

Aryzon: 3D Augmented Reality for Every Smartphone

Experience 3D augmented reality with your smartphone. Choose an experience from the Aryzon app, place the phone in your cardboard headset, and interact with vivid holographic images right in front of you.

VENQUE Transformable Backpack

The VENQUE Backpack is perfectly designed for a solo getaway, packed with over 20 unique features geared for traveling. The detachable modular bag can be used as a messenger or camera bag. It holds 25L of volume and keeps you protected with an RFID security pocket and night neon light strips.

Zombicide: Green Horde

A plague has struck the kingdom, and a Green Horde of infected orcs are hungry for the living. As a survivor, work co-operatively to kill the orcs, complete quests, and move to higher levels of danger in this latest chapter in the Zombicide saga. But beware, the challenge increases the stronger you become.

The World's First Travel ESPRESSO MACHINE that Boils Water

Get your caffeine fix on the road with this portable, lithium battery operated Espresso Machine. Pop in your Nespresso capsule, pour in water, and get a fresh hot brew wherever you are.

Digitsole Smartshoe: The World's First Intelligent Sneaker

The Digitsole Smartshoe auto-tightens, absorbs shocks, tracks your movement and burned calories, and can even heat up your shoes on a cold day. Integrated with wearable technology, this smart shoe constantly evaluates and provides feedback, all controlled from your mobile.

Reissue of Deep Space D-6 and New Mini-Expansion

Survive hostile territory and command your starship to safety, guiding crew members against threats from enemy ships and system malfunctions in Deep Space D-6, a one player tabletop game.

Roxford: A Minimalist Watch with Tech in the Strap

Track your fitness and sleep habits with the Roxford smart hybrid watch. The analog timepiece is designed with a hidden fitness tracker built into the strap buckle. You can also transition from day to night seamlessly with four interchangeable bands of leather, steel, and silicone.

SleepSmart: The Smart Pillow for Side Sleepers

Are you a side sleeper? The SleepSmart pillow features an adjustable height system and a silent vibration alarm that can wake you up without waking up your partner.

The World's Smallest Garden

Grow fresh herbs year round from a bottle. Just fill it with water, put in a scoopful of The World’s Smallest Garden soil. The unique soil uses capillary action to lift water up to the seed, and as the seeds sprout, the roots shoot down into the bottle, letting the plant water itself!

EarStudio: World's first studio-quality Bluetooth receiver

Turn your wired headphones and speakers into studio-quality 24bit sound with EarStudio. Plug your headphones into the thumb-sized gadget, wirelessly connect the device to your mobile, and start streaming your playlists.

WhiteShark MIX: Water Scooter

Explore sea life with the world’s smallest underwater scooter. The WhiteShark MIX provides the ultimate underwater gliding experience. It’s also great for beginner swimmers, giving newbies the confidence to swim.

Color Me Gone: The First Double-Binded Photobook on Vietnam

Kevin embarked on a 10-year journey documenting Vietnam’s race towards development, from mental illness to remnants of war, he captured the people and their stories in Color Me Gone, a beautiful black and white photobook.

Escape the Dark Castle

Overcome danger at every turn in a desperate quest to escape the depths of the Dark Castle. To survive, work together and use your cunning to emerge victorious in this 80s inspired tabletop game.

Torg Eternity

High Lords from other realities have descended upon earth to steal its energy, draining the earth in hopes of becoming an ancient, and all-powerful, Torg. But the earth is not defenseless! Join the Delphi Council as a Storm Night and enter the battle in this classic tabletop RPG.


Heed the virtuous goddess Minerva if you wish to build a worthy city in the Roman Empire in this strategic board game from Hisashi Hayashi, the designer of Yokohama and Trains. Race against other players to erect cultural and military facilities, and construct temples and living quarters that win the favor of the Empire and the goddess.

12 Realms: Dungeonland

Venture across famous tales as Red Riding Hood or Prince Charming, and take on great villains that have turned the realms into eternal darkness in 12 Realms, a dungeon crawling game. Gather clues about the mysterious evil and fight for your life.

The Reusable Pad Company in Uganda

Pads can be cost-prohibitive, especially in Uganda, where many girls forgo school and work as they’re menstruating. She for She solves this dilemma with reusable and affordable pads that are also earth-friendly!