#1 Staff Favorite

eBeam Smartpen — The Last Pen You'll Ever Need

This is the last pen you’ll ever need. The eBeam Smartpen even comes with a stylus nib to make it an all-in-one pen & stylus solution that can be used on any display or on any flat surface without making a mark. You can write with eBeam Smartpen on any chatting app or memo app by simply downloading eBeam Keyboard app. You can write, draw or take memo even without dedicated app opened.

Backers can get a chance to pre-order at up to 50% OFF now! The Super Early Bird discounts will run out quick!

The Wyrmwood Adventurer's Arsenal

The latest modular tabletop gaming system from Wyrmwood, designed it to be the perfect companion for players of role playing games. All three components of the Adventurer’s Arsenal are available in beautiful domestic and exotic hardwoods.

Space Park

Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations across the galaxy. During your travels, you’ll gather exotic crystals that further our understanding of what’s out there. Use crystals to earn exploration badges and prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great explorer in Space Park!

Endeavor: Age of Sail

Endeavor: Age of Sail is a strategy board game set in the historic Age of Sail. Starting out in the crowded hub of Europe, you must struggle to dominate at home while sending ships to the closed regions of the world… and be ready to seize control when they open up!


Can you outsmart your friends and be the first to save the world from a terrible pandemic? Through the ancient Chinese art of herbalism, you’ll test ingredients, use logic to deduce the cure, and become the greatest Herbalist in the country!

Plus + Jacket: 3-in-1 Jacket

Can be worn in ALL WEATHER: a sweater, a bomber jacket, and a combined jacket for you to keep warm anywhere! The nanotechnology fabric is self-cleaning, wrinkle-free and anti-odor to keep your Plus+ Jacket looking, feeling, and smelling great, whenever and wherever you take it.

Använda. A Great F*cking Bag

Använda means ‘to use’ in Swedish. Now you can seem smart when you’re explaining where you got your awesome new bag to that girl on the bus who’s way out of your league. Or guy. Whatever. You’re welcome.

Vortex Shadow

Mix between a messenger bag and sling bag; handmade locally in full grain leather. The only leather bag out there that’s slim and light enough for a day on the go, yet it still holds all the gear you’ll need for that day. Early bird pledges now available – 40% off of retail price!


Express your mood, upgrade your style, support your favorite sports team or display any photos you take, all with the simplicity of a tap on your smartphone. Wear as a necklace one day, a brooch the next, or completely restyle it as a neck or bow tie; whatever matches your moment.

Tack: EDC Tool

Mini-TACK is much thicker and smaller than the its bigger brother TACK and will be offered in the same colors as the standard titanium TACK. Mini-TACK comes with a black Kydex sheath and stainless steel ball chain.

FLASK: Coffee and Tea Maker

You don’t need to be a coffee or tea pro to enjoy the premium brew quality of FLASK™. Simple, Elegant, Innovative, and Easy to Clean. FLASK™ is the coffee and tea press for home brewers all over the world. No Mess. Just Press. Better Coffee and Tea for All.

iGUANEYE Jungle: Comfort Everywhere

With the iGUANEYE Jungle the creators take the principle of barefoot comfort even further. Six months of intensive tests support that the Jungle is the most comfortable foot protection in the world. Buy one pair NOW and get the power of walking barefoot everywhere… with comfort.