#1 Staff Favorite

Alpha Pillow

The Alpha Pillow is a carbon-infused memory foam pillow, with air cell breathability, ultra-soft bamboo, pure silver fibers, and ice silk technology for instant coolness. The pillow molds into the shape of your head and neck, supporting the sensitive pressure areas to help you relax and help with insomnia.

TRACPOINT Travel Mouse & Presenter

FINAL HOURS! The 4th crowdfunding campaign from Swiftpoint, TRACPOINT is the perfect mouse for all your travel needs. These mice are the smallest in the world, with an ergonomic shape. The pen grip relaxes your body so that small movements give you full control of your mouse.

Burro Packs: Designed for Where You Roam

JUST LAUNCHED! Burro Packs are modular, waterproof packs to carry your time outside ever farther. They are designed for every day, wherever you roam.

Taskin ROLR 5-in-1 Toiletry Bag

Taskin ROLR is a toiletry bag you can configure for your specific needs, on every trip you take. It has 5 ingeniously-designed toiletry bags rolled into one. You can pack them individually or connect them together into whatever configuration you need.

BUOQ: Versatile Headphones & Speakers

You can use the BUOQ axis anywhere, anytime. The integrated micro amplifier and patented internal system allows you to change from headphones to speakers in a completely safe way for your ears, in less than a second.

Carro Smart Ceiling Fan

The most sustainable smart ceiling fan and lighting that’s easily controlled by smart home, smartphone, etc. Connect Carro to your Wi-Fi to customize different modes and settings from your smartphone.

The Highlander Backpack

The Highlander Backpack is a 2-4 day travel system, that was designed to go from land, to air, to sea, or wherever else your adventures (or simple errands) take you.

Haswell Survival Knife

Whether you’re an expert bushman or a casual camper, the Haswell Knife will get the job done. Made from 1095 high-carbon steel, it features a full-tang, Scandi ground blade. With brass rivets and a veggie-tanned leather sheath, the Haswell Knife will keep you company for decades.

APEX Mini Titanium Pocket EDC Pen & Wallet

APEX MINI’s shredded for duty body puts some real muscle behind one of the smallest and strongest everyday titanium carry pens ever. Both alloys are guaranteed to make it through the toughest conditions.

The World's Smartest Underwear

Self-cleaning underwear made from pure silver that keeps your downstairs free from odor and bacteria for up to a week. When any part of the underwear touches a bacterial cell, it breaks down its cell wall until the bacteria are no longer able to function.

SuperCharger 2.0

SuperCharger 2.0, is the one charger that will solve all your problems. It packs a 3-port  charger with 45W Power Delivery, 10,000 mAh power bank, USB & SD Card, with plugs that support 150+ countries.

Sash Bag 3.0

The way the bag is designed ergonomically to organize all of your daily necessities without weighing you down is life changing. You know those moments when you really don’t want to carry a purse, but you still want all your stuff handy? That’s where Sash Bags come in.

RUNAMICS - Minimal Plastic Running Gear

Functional alternative to plastic running gear. They are fighting the microplastic epidemic by making running gear that is minimal in its plastic usage, while remaining lightweight. It’s anti-microbial and temperature regulating, so there’s no stink.

Mokuru Card Game

Mokuru is a desk toy that is now being recreated into the Mokuru Card Game. It’s been remodeled with strong and light plastic! It’s a new type of board game that puts your mind, hands, and friendship to the test.

Half Truth

Half Truth is a party game for all ages and people, created by the legendary game designer of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield, and 74-time Jeopardy winner, Ken Jennings. The game comes with 500 trivia question cards and each card has a category on it.


Cut the usage of paper napkins, synthetic wipes, and toxic chemicals. Splash is a sustainable way to keep your hands & belongings germ-free.

SuperMini - Power Bank

SuperMini is a credit card sized 10,000mAh portable charger, which can be easily put in your pocket and extend your phone usage for 2-3 days.