#1 Staff Favorite

AMX Electric Bike

The AMX is the latest electric bike from Analog Motion —the team that brought you the AM1 in 2018. It is a powerful, lightweight electric bike designed for your city. It looks and feels exactly like a bicycle, but features a powerful motor that propels you to your destination faster and easier than ever before!

Grab one HERE now at early bird pricing!

Side Pocket

FINAL HOURS! A game-changing smart fanny pack with a built-in wireless power bank. Travelers can charge hands and cords free while you’re on the go! Grab limited early birds now before it’s over!

Traü: Men's Athletic Underwear

JUST LAUNCHED! Incredibly comfortable, workout tough, locally made underwear by Trau. You can now get rid of your nylon / polyester workout underwear and take your game to the next level! Locally made from eco-friendly, earth conscious materials like soy and bamboo.

Taskin Air Duo

JUST LAUNCHED! Taskin Air Duo has dual-side compression packing so you can pack more in the same space and keep clean & dirty clothes separate. Including an air-breathable 100% see-through section to keep fresh clothes wrinkle-free and an odor and water-resistant pouch to keep dirty laundry sealed up tight.


FINAL HOURS! Moft X is a versatile stand for phones/tablets that offers maximum productivity and comfort with a minimalist design.You need an angle to help you read these vertical contents in clarity & comfort, it has the best one — 60°.

Chargeasap Infinity Cable

One powerful enough to work with all USB devices supporting micro USB, Apple, USB-C as well as the biggest device in your arsenal, USB-C laptops. Not only can the Infinity Cable support QC 3.0 & 4.0, but for the first time ever, it can support power delivery charging up to 100W!

Shine Bathroom

The future of the bathroom is here. It’s simple, automated, and chemical-free. Introducing the Shine Bathroom Assistant – a simple device that automates cleaning & maintenance. Shine installs anywhere near your toilet in minutes. It will automatically clean and deodorize your toilet without chemicals.

Monkii 360

Whether you’re a traveler, entrepreneur, busy mom, corporate slave, lifehacker or just a gym-hater, MONKII 360 will help you efficiently build muscle, strengthen your core, lose weight, and free you to do more of what you love.


Ultralayer Performance by JUMPER

Why does your current activewear retain stink? Why isn’t it breathable? High polyester blends smell worse because bacteria thrives on it, plus these blends are scratchy and trap heat. This blend is designed for maximum stay freshness and comfort.

The Rally Pack

The ultimate commuter/adventure bag for people who want more from their gear. The Rally Pack combines the style of popular throwback bags with modern features for a perfectly balanced backpack that is practically bulletproof.

GIR Straws

Get It Right reusable silicone straws are designed with your safety in mind. Made from platinum grade silicone, our straws are soft and bendy enough to keep you safe—but tough enough to handle the thickest milkshakes and all those yummy frappes people can’t seem to get enough of.

BRÜ: The Ultimate Tea Machine

BRÜ is an automated tea machine for loose leaf tea and tea bags. You have the freedom to set your brewing time, water temperature, and cup size at the twist of a dial and push of a button.


JUST LAUNCHED! A watch with unique design and mythological Soul. Combining unconventional design, beauty & premium material, ARGO guides you while sailing for new adventures. Suitable for any and all occasions. Grab launch day specials!


A rugged lightweight inflatable cooler that will save you space and heavy lifting, while keeping your food & drinks ice cold. Designed to be the most practical cooler on the market built with features like a bottle opener, heavy duty rubber grip handles etc.


FINAL HOURS! Back with their 9th Kickstarter campaign, Flectr brings you their latest wheel reflector – FLECTR 360 WING. The first line of defense for your night ride! FLECTR 360 WING is an award-winning wheel reflector with true 360 degrees of reflectivity. Offering you maximum performance & style in a new form factor.

Avocado Rise - The Documentary

Kickstarter‘s #1 best-selling shoe is back with an extra purpose. Turning invisible problems into documentaries that report social issues. Along with making the documentary, the money raised through this campaign will allow Tropicfeel  to provide exclusive limited-edition rewards, administer their crowdfunding project and help to shape a better future.

The Campo

What originated as a simple way to keep our climbing ropes protected from wear and tear led to rolling a hammock, poncho, shelter, and ground cover all packed into one incredibly functional and packable product —the Campo! Pledge now limited early birds!