#1 Staff Favorite

Baubax Travel Shoes

JUST LAUNCHED! Baubax is back with another incredible campaign for their travel shoes! Bringing the comfort of a $2000 mattress into your shoes with a coconut coir midsole, all-natural latex insole, Australian Merino wool, and topped off with a cool bamboo upper, you’ll never want to travel without them again.

Qubix 2

LAST DAY! Qubix 2 makes packing and unpacking easy! Simply hook and hang the cubes on the rail, on a hanger, or anywhere you want. With their hook and hang system, you can unpack your entire suitcase seconds.

SuperMini - Power Bank

SuperMini is a credit card size 10,000mAh portable charger, which can be easily put in your pocket and extend your phone usage for 2-3 days. With 18W Power Delivery, it can fast charge your iPhone X up to 50% within 30 mins.

Sash Bag 3.0

The way the bag is designed ergonomically to organize all of your daily necessities without weighing you down is life changing. You know those moments when you really don’t want to carry a purse, but you still want all your stuff handy? That’s where Sash Bags come in.

Carro Smart Ceiling Fan

The most sustainable smart ceiling fan and lighting that’s easily controlled by smart home, smartphone, etc. Connect Carro to your Wi-Fi to customize different modes and settings from your smartphone.


The 4th crowdfunding campaign from Swiftpoint, TRACPOINT is the perfect mouse for all your travel needs. These mice are the smallest in the world, with an ergonomic shape. The pen grip relaxes your body so that small movements give you full control of your mouse.

Alpha Pillow

Alpha Pillow is a carbon-infused memory foam pillow, with air cell breathability, ultra-soft bamboo, pure silver fibers, and ice silk technology for instant coolness.


Aftersocks is an elegant solution to the problem of taking off uncomfortable shoes after a night out. They have been thoughtfully designed and crafted with an underside constructed from PVC and extra soft layers of cushioning that hug the contours of your feet.

Z Grills

Z Grills infuses your food with natural, wood-smoked flavors that you can’t get from charcoal or gas grills. It offers 7-in-1 versatility that allows you to grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear.


The MAGNO-INK 2.0 Ti is a pen powered by high strength magnets. It features an anti-roll mechanism and is made from space grade titanium, so it’s incredibly strong. It is the first and only pen in the world to operate in this way.

Splash: reusable & eco-friendly sanitizer

Cut the usage of paper napkins, synthetic wipes, and toxic chemicals. Splash is a sustainable way to keep your hands & belongings germ-free.

M250 Hex Drive Toolkit

A compact, TSA compliant toolkit for everyday carry made of advanced composite material. It comes with a complete screwdriver set, magazine, extended reach, and holster. It’s made of hardened stainless steel to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws.

Fuse Vert

The Fuse Vert is a premium vertical vinyl audio system which can also play FM radio, stream songs via Bluetooth, USB MP3’s, Alarm Clock, Line in and Line out. They took the plain record player and flipped it up into a beautiful mid-century modern style audio player.

Universal Camera Strap

The most versatile camera strap. Designed, built, and tested just for you. No matter your style, subject or setting—you’re KUVRD. It’s multi-functional, adjustable, and sleek.

GIR | Peelers, Mashers, Basting Brushes

Because 1,736 backers requested them, they’re making peelers. Because 1,411 backers requested them, they’re making mashers. And because 1,294 backers requested them, they’re making basting brushes.

Power Vessel

Power Vessel Mini Gaming Keyboard is the ultimate portable wireless accessory. A gaming controller, handheld optimized keyboard, Bluetooth music player and hub, computer mouse and universal remote in one pocket-sized device!

RUNAMICS - Minimal Plastic Running Gear

FINAL HOURS! Their mission is to develop kick-ass plastic-free and sustainable running gear for runners of all levels. Runners who care.