#1 Staff Favorite

Cinch! The World's Smartest Pop-Up Tent!

Solar power, climate control and world-beating hugeness are joined in 2018 by panoramic interior doors, phone-controlled LED lighting and over a dozen user-driven design changes. Packed with features, it pops up in seconds and is down inside a minute, making camping convenient, intelligent and fun.

Save 23% off your perk for the 4-person Cinch Solar Bundle with Climate Control Canopy and Solar Power Pack!

Octobo: Interactive Plush Companion

Octobo learns, grows, and plays with kids through a tablet, interactive storybooks, and an expanding constellation of educational apps. Octobo works with any 7-8 inch tablets including Apple, Amazon, and Android. Save 50% on your early bird pledge now!

Travel Watch | FINAL HOURS

This world timer shows the time for the main 24 time zones simultaneously whereas a traditional GMT can only monitor one other selected time zone. Using a clever dual-layer rotating disc system, they are able to reverse engineer the first quartz hybrid world timer using a Swiss GMT movement.

Moment: Anamorphic Battery Gimbal

Brings the look of 2:40:1 Cinemascope to Moment’s mobile platform. It’s like shooting a wider focal length in the horizontal direction and a longer focal length in the vertical. Capture a super wide-angle image with the inherent shallow depth of field and perspective of a telephoto lens.

Micro Wallet: Artisan-crafted Pieces

After 2 Kickstarters and over 100,000 wallets sold, they’re back to spread their love of Tyvek® and Art. Showcasing 7 brand new designs by cutting edge artists worldwide, with exclusive backer-only selections, the Micro Wallet is their slimmest, strongest design yet.

Nomatic Laptop and Messenger Bags

Designed for everyday use. The main difference between the two is size. The Messenger bag holds 15 liters while the Laptop bag holds 10 liters. The Messenger bag has all the features found in the Laptop bag, plus a few added features as well.

TRAVEL JACKET with 25 Features

$10 Million in pledges and 200,000 supporters later, BAUBAX is shaking up the crowdfunding world again with Version 2.0! Already at almost $2.5 Million, with over 13K backers. Early Bird pricing is still available for a limited time, so there’s still a chance to grab yours and save 30% off retail value!

Wave: Control Sounds with Motion

Wave pairs to your computer or smart device with Bluetooth LE and works out of the box with all major music software and apps. Using Wavefront, our Eurorack module, you can also add Wave to your modular setup and explore new ways to play your synths.

MAGNO Ti: Magnetically Powered Pencil

Magno is a mechanical pencil that will last a lifetime. It offers lead position accuracy far beyond other pencils due to the free-moving magnet concealed within its premium grade titanium body. Every unique detail is ensured with the highest level of functionality.

Jo: Titanium Bottle Opener

With the “Jo – Just open” titanium micro bottle opener, you can open your drinks anywhere you want, without the need to carry big bottle openers with you. Get your pledge rewards with your company logo laser engraved, which means it will remain forever on the product.

Sitka Leather Messenger Bag

Built with a wide base that gives plenty of storage space on interior. A padded laptop sleeve on the back wall opens up more space for cords, paperwork, tablet or other accessories. Includes an interior zippered pocket under the front flap for more storage.

GOSPACE: Wireless Storage and Streaming

A revolutionary portable cloud that holds all your files with 5G wireless. Storage can be extended without limit and connects with up to 8 devices at the same time. You can also connect your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Save 30% off retail with your early pledge NOW!

Pop 'N Go: Kids Playpen

The Pop ‘N Go is the lightest, safest, and most convenient portable playpen in the world. It’s built with a tightly woven durable weave-mesh around all sides for comfort and breathability, all while making this the strongest and longest lasting playpen on the market.

Goldchef: The Grilling Revolution

Grilling is a part of life’s joy! Goldchef, a revolutionary high performance grill that allows you to enjoy grilled food in just few minutes. One is enough for a whole family! Portable – 8 Kg, foldable structure. Independent – 2 hours independent grilling.