#1 Staff Favorite

Camper Hooded Jacket 2.0 | Packable, Lightweight, & Eco

Reliable warmth that’s fit for any adventure, from the top of the Rocky Mountains to the city streets of Tokyo!

With a hypoallergenic insulation that keeps its warmth even when wet, six pockets for gloves, headphones, passports, and more, and an internal stuff pocket that instantly turns the jacket into an on-the-go travel pillow, the Coalatree Camper Hooded Jacket is the perfect layer for all your travel and outdoor adventures.

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Zip Top® Reusable Containers

Zip Top® containers don’t require lids! So save your money and save the planet. Traditional plastic containers are petroleum-based and can contain harmful chemicals. These uniquely designed containers protect your food from toxins that can leach into your food, especially when heating or microwaving.

The Kosan Go Travel Dress

If you are the kind of person that loves to travel, you’ll see how these  dresses were made for sprinting to catch your next flight, hopping on a scooter, trying to outrun instant torrential downpours or any of the other things that may happen while on the road. Save 30% off retail for your pledge today!

The Stain Repelling Performance Shirt 2.0

The Performance Shirt 2.0 is made for adventure but fit for the office. Stain repellent, Iron Free, 2 Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking. Guaranteed Perfect Fit! Back today for LIMITED Early Backer discounts, and save BIG off retail HERE!

The Drift D1 eSkates (FINAL DAY)

Drift W1 is designed to be lightweight and portable with endless fun and numerous stylish ways to ride. The clock is ticking! Order now to get 26% off your Drift W1 and enjoy a tax-free delivery before time runs out!

KUVRD Camera Lens Cap

A truly universal, durable and functional product backed by a lifetime warranty. Designed by the company that has set out to keep your photography gear KUVRD (‘covered’). Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof. Save BIG on your early bird pledge now HERE!

Wild Assent (LAST DAY! ENDS 9 AM PST)

Wild Assent is a 1-4 player miniatures board game with player-versus-player and solo/cooperative modes. Battle your opponents in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silvestrem in Wild Assent’s skirmish-style Arena mode. Pledge now before time runs out!

SOLOSOCKS Share | Organic Socks

SOLOSOCKS Share is a collection of high quality organic combed cotton socks. For each pair purchased, they donate a pair to the homeless. There are up to 20 different styles available. Pledge now for your pair at Kickstarter-exclusive pricing HERE!

Prepd Colors | FINAL HOURS!

ENDING SOON! By combining the containers in different configurations you can tailor your lunchbox to suit every type of meal. The containers are made from the highest quality materials, are food-safe and completely leak-proof, allowing you to perfectly store and transport your lunch with confidence.

Niobe Returns to Erasune

“With a world divided who do you turn to?” A shadow had fallen across the vast and volatile world of Asunda, as nations crumbled and oceans swelled in blood. Some say the devil walked again and no man could stand against him. But not all men are heroes and not all heroes are men.

Morph Bottle | Essentials and Hydration

Morph Bottle includes two separate compartments that adjust automatically based on the contents. One compartment holds your drink and another holds your EDC (everyday carry) essentials. These essentials might include keys, credit cards, a small multi-tool, energy bar, or whatever your essentials for adventure.

Alpha™ Sheets: Pure Silver Bedding

Alpha™ Silver Bedding are scientifically engineered sheets, made with pure silver fibers and ultra soft premium cotton to eliminate bacteria, fungus and virus. Based on revolutionary micron technology. Alpha is an ultimate natural therapy for better sleep and a healthier life.

Fresh Flip | No Smell Cat Litter Box.

Fresh Flip is the world’s only self-cleaning, anti-tracking, odor-eliminating litter box. It’s the only litter box you can buy that cleans itself in a matter of seconds, drastically reduces litter tracking, and contains a powerful deodorant that is automatically discharged with every cleaning cycle.

HYDROW | Outdoor Reality Rower

For the first time ever, outdoor on-river rowing classes will be broadcast live streaming to your home. Trainers are top athletes, including some who have competed with the U.S. National Rowing Team. You can connect, compete, and reach your goals faster and easier than ever before.

WILLER — Automatic Watches

The Willer isn’t simply a timepiece to wear occasionally – it’s a living reference to classic racing wristwatches inspired by vintage sports cars and such legendary races as Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Carrera Panamericana and other thrilling contests of the past.

EverRatchet | Ratchet Keychain Tool

Shown below is a Stainless Steel EverRatchet holding 20 in-lbs on its dynamic ratchet beam (20lbs, 1 inch from the center of rotation)! Thanks to the ratchet beam design, it is extremely strong down its length but flexes out of the way with some satisfying click action when you go to reset the tool.

EDC Damascus Pocket Knife

The Power of a Samurai Sword, in your Pocket! OMNI is made from Damascus steel meaning it stays up to 5 x Sharper than normal steel. This open face design ensures that the beauty of the Damascus steel is displayed at all times, even when OMNI is not in use.