#1 Staff Favorite

Dice Throne Adventures

Dice Throne Adventures is a genre-bending cooperative expansion to the hit game, Dice Throne. Simply grab a friend and any of the 16 heroes and dive into randomly generated worlds, beautiful environments, intense boss battles, innovative Diablo-style looting, and non-destructive legacy elements.

Qubix 2

Qubix 2 makes packing and unpacking easy! Simply hook and hang the cubes on the rail, on a hanger, or anywhere you want. With their hook and hang system, you can unpack your entire suitcase seconds.

Z Grills

Z Grills infuses your food with natural, wood-smoked flavors that you can’t get from charcoal or gas grills. It offers 7-in-1 versatility that allows you to grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear.

The Foxtail Sport

The Foxtail was a classic outdoor toy and game that was popular in the 1990s. It was a favorite throwing toy for kids across the country for over a decade. The instructions to play were simple: hold by the tail, spin to throw and then catch by the tail.

Universal Camera Strap

The most versatile camera strap. Designed, built, and tested just for you. No matter your style, subject or setting—you’re KUVRD. It’s multi-functional, adjustable, and sleek.


The fourth crowdfunding campaign from Swiftpoint, TRACPOINT is the perfect mouse for all your travel needs. These mice are the smallest in the world, with an ergonomic shape. The pen grip relaxes your body so that small movements give you full control of your mouse.


Mokuru is an amazing desk toy. After years of development, it was launched on Kickstarter in 2017 and distributed worldwide, delivered to over 1 million players in over 100 countries. Now they are relaunching as the Mokuru Card Game. It’s been remodeled with strong and light plastic!

M250 Hex Drive Toolkit

A compact, TSA compliant toolkit for everyday carry made of advanced composite material. It comes with a complete screwdriver set, magazine, extended reach, and holster. It’s made of hardened stainless steel to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws.

uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The first integrated nitro cold brew coffee maker and dispenser for the perfect at-home experience. With an innovative faucet and tap, it’s designed to keep you pouring like a pro.


LastSwab is a sustainable alternative to the cotton swabs and buds. 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every single day. Replacing traditional cotton swabs with LastSwab takes minimal effort: buy it once and cross polluting cotton swabs off your shopping list forever.

Vena Cava Enamel Pin Series

An enamel pin series featuring, love, loss, and hope for better days. After spending over ten years working commercially as a graphic designer, this artist is now turning their art into pins, patches, stickers, and apparel to share with the world.

Rental Rumble

COMING SOON! Rental Rumble — Rent, watch, and return 3 VHS movies before your opponents! A new indie tabletop game celebrating video rental stores from the 80s and 90s 📼Sign up for their newsletter and get a FREE enamel pin! Coming to Kickstarter 9.9.19!


Theropods is a point and click adventure game that combines puzzles with a cinematic story, colorful characters, and a retro aesthetic. Oh, and lots of dinosaurs! It’s even endorsed by LucasArts and Double Fine legend, Tim Schafer.

Magic Hour Starring Indya Moore

FINAL HOURS! Magic Hour is a TV anthology series that features magical and mystifying stories with queer and people of color at the center. The show explores identity through the lens of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. The pilot episode stars Indya Moore (from FX’s Pose), retelling Frankenstein through the perspective of the “monster.”


ALHAMDU is a musically driven, avant-garde short film about Muslim Futurism. It shows what it could look like in a vibrant and joyous future where Muslim people exist unapologetically. The project is led by MIPSTERZ, a non-profit creative collective that amplifies marginalized creators through film, music, and illustration.

Keystone — The Future of Mechanical Keyboards

The Input Club Keystone Mechanical Keyboard is a leap forward in typing and gaming technology. It combines two new features for supreme performance. Put simply, each key can indicate how far it has been pressed down, allowing infinite customization.

EVA Cushion v2.0

The EVA Cushion makes any seating surface ergonomic! It’s made of soft and solid foam with no smell: EVA-foam (ethylene vinyl acetate). EVA feels like velvet and resembles the feeling of human skin, giving children a feeling of safety.