#1 Staff Favorite

Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener & Stylus

The world is changing and we have to start adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. Designed by a retired NY City Paramedic, the Hygiene Hand is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which is inherently antimicrobial, to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks.

The Baqed Infuser Kit | Just Launched!

The Baqed Infuser Kit™ is herbal infusion done the right way. It includes everything you need to properly infuse butters and oils with the herb or botanical of your choice. Our simple four-step process is engineered to maximize extraction and create a great tasting final product, with less mess and for a much lower cost!

TEMPEST: Personal Weather System

Need to cover your plants overnight? Trying to plan a backyard barbecue with a forecast that keeps changing? The guessing game is over. With powerful technology that provides an accurate forecast of your specific weather conditions, Tempest is the first app that knows your weather.

Gravel Travel System

FINAL HOURS! Gravel’s back with their fourth campaign. To help you have the right gear for whatever outing they designed three bags to work together: a backpack hip belt that detaches to convert to a sling bag. We love it because it helps reduce all the packing & repacking whether at the airport boarding a plane or out for a day trip exploring.

Fat Freezer Cordless

The Fat Freezer CryoShape System has taken 5 clinical technologies and made them available for home use at a fraction of the price. Would you like to freeze fat from your belly, back, waist, arms, inner thighs, and buttocks, giving you a natural and sculpted shape as you’ve always wanted?

The NatureDry Jacket by Woolly

They are creating a 100% merino wool all-weather jacket with two designs: the outdoor and the urban. Be ready for rugged pursuits or travel. Join them in making plastic-free all-weather performance a reality.

Pillow Cube PRO | Final Days!

Stop trying to shove a pillow-shaped peg into a shoulder-shaped hole. Everyone wants a soft pillow, but what you (desperately) need at night is support, especially if you are a side sleeper. Last year we re-invented the pillow with the Pillow Cube.

WYN Bullet

Spring-loaded emergency window breaker. Its patent-pending direct-impact technology delivers a powerful strike directly to a tungsten carbide tip, allowing the vehicle occupant to easily break car windows for emergency escape.

HercLéon Fjord: Underwear You Can Wear For Weeks

Whether you’re planning on going for an all-day hike, weekend camping trips, or even just going to the gym and then the bar after to grab drinks with friends; your Fjord underwear will keep you smelling good. You won’t have to worry about your underwear killing the vibe.

The Rail-EZ Umbrella Mounting System

FINAL DAYS! We may have to stay home but we also need fresh air and to make the most out of our outdoor spaces. Create an outdoor haven on their patio, deck or balcony. A place where people can go to get fresh air, be comfortable and protected from the sun.

The CWB Cup (Coffee, Water, Beer)

This cup is an ultra-lightweight collapsible TPU cup rolls up to fit in your bag or pocket so you’ll always have it on you. Available in white and black. It features a removable inner silicone bladder which forms a double wall insulation to keep hot drinks piping hot and cold drinks cool.

La Marque - The Lifetime Brass Pen Collection

This collection is designed to have nothing but the essential, with no mechanisms or plastics that can fade over time. Just a precise mechanical design. Made in Italy and created to accompany on your life journey.

The Smart Wallet

The contents of your regular wallet fit into this tiny thing, equipped with a pull tab to get the cards out easily, is RFID protected to prevent theft, includes a multitool and key clip. It also has an elastic strap so it can also hold bigger stuff and is made of real vegetable-tanned leather, the best type of leather.

Comfy Night Spring Pillows

Comfy introduces unique pillows with a Spring Core System that adjusts to your every movement, when you sleep and sit, which re-aligns your spine to give you extended comfort, better posture and improved long-term health.

Mendi: Real Brain Training

Access the same brain enhancement training used by top athletes and executives to improve mental well-being, performance & overall health. With Mendi you can strengthen your brain anytime, anywhere.

SuperCalla: Charging Cables Redesigned

The world’s first charging cable of its kind. Organizing your cables has never been simpler or more addictive. Simple to use and ingenious, SuperCalla will meet all of your OCD needs.

Casamera: The Bathrobe, Redefined

Forget the heavyweight, bulky robes of the past. Their breathable clever-comfort design means your robe will be comfortable to move in, won’t ever feel too hot, or require you to wash or dry separately.