#1 Staff Favorite

iKuddle Auto-Pack Litter Box: Clump Disposal Made Easy

The most-convenient cat litter box that cleans itself, packs the waste for you, and reduces odors. After your cat leaves the box, iKuddle will separate the waste from the clean litter by scooping the clumps into a waste bag. You can also initiate the cleaning cycle yourself on the iKuddle app or by pressing a button on the litter box.

Don’t miss your chance for Kickstarter-exclusively priced rewards on this must-own kitty accessory HERE!

The GRILLGUN..."The Ultimate Grill Torch!"

The GrillGun also has multiple uses beyond just lighting charcoal grills and smokers, works great for anything you need high heat and fire: lighting chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, etc. Light your Charcoal Grill in 60 Seconds! Sear your Meat with Real Hot Fire! Also the best torch for picnics, campfires, bonfires, etc.


After crating the most funded accessory ever on Kickstarter two-times in a row, the SMART BELT 3.0 is the latest enhancement on the winning formula from Harmattan Leather… A nice and elegant, finely tuned package- made even better for 2019. Don’t miss your chance to pledge for exclusively-pried early bird pledges.

The NOMATIC Roller Luggage

Each of the luggage pieces are built for lifetime durability with a 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate shell, featuring a system that uses magnetic straps and allows compression on all or part of the suitcase and compression cubes to keep belongings organized and maximize packing space.

UNO Magnetic USB Type-C | FINAL HRS!

The UNO cable has a USB-C connector end which is an upgrade from the current USB Type A. This allows a higher power input and output and enables the UNO to be compatible with QC4.0 and Apple Fast charge. It also introduces of an innovative locking mechanism, giving your cable a stronger connection and longer lifespan of up to 40,000 connections.

The Mechanical Watch | FINAL HOURS!

Uncompromising Quality, Without The Price Tag. The Ape-X case is built with a single-piece of 316L stainless steel giving it superior strength. The Ape-X is compatible with a range of hand-crafted Italian leather, durable silicone, and heavy stainless steel link straps. The best part? They can be changed effortlessly, with the push of a button.

Pocket Sky Light | FINAL HOURS!

Pocket Sky works just like the sun: It uses soft blue light to suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This is the most natural way for enhancing your wakefulness, performance and well-being. Pocket Sky will lift your mood and power you up in only 20 minutes a day.

The 3D Wooden World Map | FINAL HRS!

A unique wooden wall decor for home or office, the travel wooden wall map is easy to assemble and makes leisure time fun and interesting. For family, friends, or coworkers, the travel wooden world map is natural and eco-friendly, perfect as a gift. The travel wooden world map is the home decor piece that affirms anyone’s wanderlust.


It’s Pride Month. You deserve to be proud.
Sometimes it’s hard to show your pride. Sometimes people call you fake, or say you don’t belong, but you can’t be afraid. You are valid and you will not be erased. PRIDE PINS is a collection of enamel pins displaying animals holding pride flags. Show your pride. You deserve it.

Passport GO Travel Adapter | FUNDED IN 2 HRS!

GaN technology allows Passport GO to deliver 30W of power through its USB-C port. Achieving the same performance without GaN would require a more bulky form factor to accommodate larger components and excess heat dissipation. In short, we’ve made it faster, more powerful, and compatible with the latest devices.

EVA Cushion v2.0 | JUST LAUNCHED!

The EVA Cushion eases back pain by improving your posture. The shape of the cushion is designed to lift your tailbone and support your thighs and buttocks, maintaining your back’s natural S-curve for minimal spinal compression and maximum ergonomic comfort.

OmiSonic Cleaning Tool | FINAL HOURS!

Clean anything, anywhere, anytime. This is the power of wireless ultrasonic cleaning. It’s easy to use, extremely effective, and powerfully portable (completely wireless). You’ll get a deeper clean, use significantly less water and time, and do it all from a pocket-sized wireless device.

The Modern Glass Flask

It’s not any ordinary flask, but it is special flask. It is unbreakable and you can see from the glass that how much liquid is left. It also has a small funnel by which you can pour in the liquor. The glass window not only allows you to feel confident that your flask is clean, it also helps you prevent overfilling. Drink responsibly and with confidence!

The Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0 by Tropicfeel

A better travel shoe that delivers premium quality, high-tech performance and maximum comfort.The all-terrain sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favorite daily pieces.

Backmate | Easily Relieve Back Pain

The Backmate sets up in any doorway in seconds and gives fast and long lasting back and neck pain relief. Give yourself deep tissue massage any time to relieve pain, lower stress levels, and make your body stronger than ever. It not only alleviates back pain and sore muscles, but does much much more… The best part? All you need is TWO MINUTES PER DAY!

World's Best Magnetic Pen & Refill

The best ballpoint cartridge on the market for this new Stilform pen. SCHMIDT Technology is known to produce the refills of premium and luxury stationery brands like Mont Blanc and many others. The SCHMIDT x stilform Refill combines the performance of a traditional ballpoint cartridge with a smoother writing experience similar to a rollerball refill.

Taskin Kube 2 Duffle

At home in the office, the airport, the gym and even the boardroom, the Taskin Kube delivers cool, confident style and functionality that’ll have you turning heads everywhere you go. No duffel does it better. The enhancements not only make the Kube a lot more rugged, but it improves on its widely-praised aesthetics.