#1 Staff Favorite

Patterned Leather Footwear by Thatcher Finch | JUST LAUNCHED!

Thatcher Finch: the first design company to create art-inspired footwear, bringing a fresh twist to the traditional men’s leather dress shoe. Each shoe is handcrafted out of premium box calf leather & sheepskin, and printed with astounding patterns and designs.

The latest expression of modern branding and intentional design, all in the form of a fashionable dress shoe.

Pick up your pair today and save BIG off of retail (over 50% off retail) for your Early Bird pledge HERE!


Cortèz creates the highest-quality outerwear and sells it straight from the manufacturer to you. This team is happy to introduce their new lightweight high-performance jackets, including all the features you need to embrace the outdoors. Pledge now and save up to 50% off HERE!

The Kosan Go Travel Dress

If you are the kind of person that loves to travel, you’ll see how these dresses were made for sprinting to catch your next flight, hopping on a scooter, trying to outrun instant torrential downpours or any of the other things that may happen while on the road. Save 30% off retail for your pledge today!

Unravel | Wireless Charging, Anywhere.

If you’re looking for a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time, the “Unravel” might be the charger you need. It has three 10W Qi-charging pads and features a patent-pending hinge design that will allow you to pack and unpack the device easily.

KUVRD | Universal Lens Cap 2.0

A truly universal, durable and functional product backed by a lifetime warranty. Designed by the company that has set out to keep your photography gear KUVRD (‘covered’). Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof. Save BIG on your early bird pledge now HERE!

Kobuk Leather Adventure Backpack

The Kobuk Roll-Top Backpack was designed with functionality, durability and simplicity in mind. True to Kodiak Leather form, these creators wanted this bag to have the same “Alaska – Ready” look to it, while being able to accommodate a wide variety of daily uses and individuals.

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth | FINAL WEEK!

Peril racks Spirit Island. The invaders are more numerous and more capable than ever before. Will you be able to harness their power to protect the island or will it fall to the persistence of the invaders? Whatever the outcome, Spirit Island will never be the same after the time of Jagged Earth!

The Stain Repelling Performance Shirt 2.0

The Performance Shirt 2.0 is made for adventure but fit for the office. Stain repellent, Iron Free, 2 Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking. Guaranteed Perfect Fit! Back today for LIMITED Early Backer discounts, and save BIG off retail HERE!

CandyCane™ Pillow

Candy Cane is a game changer, it folds up smaller than any pillow, blows up larger and is completely modular, all while being supremely comfortable. Unlike ALL other travel pillows the Candy Cane takes YOU into account, it can adapt to most shapes, allow for maximum conform and inflate in second. Other pillows just can’t do this, check it out.

Blanc | The World's Warmest Shirt

The shirt that warms you when you need the heat, and doesn’t overheat you! It warms you like multiple layers, but is lightweight and can be temperature adjusted to fit your needs. Equal parts dapper and technical. The feel and look of the shirt was designed to be wearable not just under your top jacket but on it’s own too!

Decode | Versatile Tech Sling

The Decode Tech Sling: Compact and slim, only slightly bigger than the dimensions of a piece of A4 paper with a light weight of 800g. It is highly customizable which allows you to move seamlessly from work to play

SoundWave | Unleash Your Music

Experience your music like never before. The vibrant lightshow lets you see your music dance to the flames of a fireplace. Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminium, the entire shell is precisely CNC milled into a perfect 360 degree resonator. Each hole is cleverly positioned to prevent any interference between the 90dB sound waves emanating from the speaker.

Wallor 2.0 | Demand More of your Wallet!

Made from super sleek genuine Nappa leather, Wallor is ultra resistant, scratch proof and can handle the wear and tear of your most active lifestyle. Thanks to detailed craftsmanship, you get super functional design with a slim, modern and elegant look.

Silo | One-touch Vacuum System

Meet Silo, your new countertop staple. Silo is a revolutionarily simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer. Its patented one-touch vacuum technology combined with the IoT infrastructure (Alexa built-in!) ensures your farmers market finds and holiday leftovers last 2-5 times longer.

DUO | Turntable & Bluetooth Speaker

DUO is a turntable with a detachable Bluetooth speaker. Its compact, hybrid design gives you complete ease to enjoy your records anytime, without fussy connections to a complicated stereo system. Trust us when we say this will be your coolest and most liberating vinyl experience – and at a fair price, too.

Animoodles Collection 2 | Magnetic Plush

Animoodles are cuddly and customizable plush that have hidden magnets inside! Their heads, torsos, arms, and legs can be taken off and snapped back together in endless combinations. Rotate and remix their parts to make creations that get more imaginative as you collect more Animoodles.

ALDAY | Impossibly Comfortable Denim

It’s this creator team’s mission to save everyone from their ridiculously uncomfortable denim. They pride themselves on the idea that denim game is a racket and it’s about time someone exposed it. So we created a pair of denim that’s so damn comfortable, you’ll want to live in them.