#1 Staff Favorite

PIQO | Most Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector

PIQO may be small, but it transforms your viewing experience in the biggest way:

➿ Ultimate Portability: 2.25 in x 2.25 in x 2.25 in
➿ 1080p, 240 in, 200 lumen display
➿ Powered by Android – Netflix + YouTube anytime, anywhere
➿ 5 Hour Playtime Battery Life
➿ Intelligent Keystone Auto-Correction Projection

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GEOPRESS™ PURIFIER | Water, Anywhere

In only seconds, GEOPRESS makes 24oz of clean, purified drinking water – anywhere in the world! Designed for international travel, it provides complete protection by removing all waterborne pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoan cysts) and filtering chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics.

Killer Queens – A Pin Series

An all-new hard enamel pin series based off of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, the legendary and iconic Queen. Inspired by crowd-favorite songs including the undeniably iconic favorite “Killer Queen”. In this series you’ll find 8 different ‘Killer Queens’ (packed full of gorgeous details and colors), as well as a few extra Queen related pins.

Pigzbe | Good Money Habits for Kids

JUST LAUNCHED! Pigzbe is a smart financial buddy that will help your kids learn digital money management through adventure and hands on play. Digital pocket money reinvented, to give children financial superpowers for ages 6+.

PIXL | A Magnetic Building System

PIXL™ is a magnetic building system that allows you to create almost anything you can think up, in either 2D or 3D. Start with one PIXL™ block , then place another PIXL™ block next to it. You’ll immediately feel them click together. No interlocking knobs, grooves, or specific sides to line up – it’s really that easy.

Nebula Capsule II | Android Pocket Cinema

Capsule II uses a top-grade DLP (Digital Light Processor) to project a beautiful 720p HD picture onto 100 inches of screen, tent, wall… or pretty much any other light-colored surface in your vicinity. The brand-new hardware delivers a vivid more radiant image, even in brighter environments.

Vessi | 100% Waterproof Knit Shoe

Imagine if your favorite socks, your winterized boots, and your cool looking sneakers could have a shoe-baby…unfortunately they can’t, because they’re inanimate. Now stop imaging because this shoe right here functions like a boot, fits like a sock, but looks like a sneaker.

Minimal Pen Made for a Lifetime

A unique design style that results in products that are highly engineered on the inside, yet sleek and minimal on the outside. No plastic in sight and machined from one solid piece of metal, resulting in incredible strength and durability

Real Racer | 1st Person POV RC

Get into the driver’s seat! Drive fast, get reckless, and unleash your inner child with this hobby-kit quality, FPV RC Racing Car. Explore and race your friends in a completely new perspective. Real Racer bridges the gap between the two and offers a quality FPV RC experience at a consumer-friendly price point.

Thatcher Finche Leather Shoes | FINAL HOURS!

The latest expression of modern branding and intentional design, all in the form of a fashionable dress shoe. Pick up your pair today and save BIG off of retail (over 50% off retail) for your Kickstarter-exclusive pledge HERE!

Kobuk Leather Adventure Backpack

The Kobuk Roll-Top Backpack was designed with functionality, durability and simplicity in mind. True to Kodiak Leather form, these creators wanted this bag to have the same “Alaska – Ready” look to it, while being able to accommodate a wide variety of daily uses and individuals.

Legion Solar 3 Energy Storage

Legion Solar 3 is a simple do-it-yourself solar + battery storage + off-grid power system. Installs in minutes, delivers instant results, pays for itself 3x faster than traditional systems. Legion Solar works with your existing rate program to simply drive consumption down.

828 Leggings | All-Day Wear

Designed with new technical fabric featuring the world’s highest silver thread-count makes this the most durable, versatile and comfortable pair of leggings you’ll ever own, packed with performance-boosting details so you’ll always meet your #fitspo goals, no matter the peak, class, or challenge.

Pivo | Get Insanely Creative

Take pictures of yourself all over the place- then choose ManyMe mode to create the illusion of a party-of-one or a clone army. No more panoramas with missing arms and distorted heads, Pivo gets them right. Plus, now you can be in them too.

PURP | Protecting Eyes & Mobile Devices

Our NanoTech TGlass is similar to tempered glass, but with one major differentiator: it’s non-shattering flexibility. This feature allows for impacts to be absorbed rather than repelled, preventing PURP from shattering or chipping. This is glass like never before.

Workhorse Saddle Chairs

This new way of sitting stimulates and strengthens the back, abdominal and core muscles and eliminates the health issues caused by sitting at a 90-degree angle. Your posture will also gradually correct itself, as you spend more and more time using Workhorse Saddle Chairs.

Onda MX App: Art & Living Guide

A digital platform that brings together the various art spaces of Mexico City and calendar of art exhibitions and events of the city. It’s intention is to take the task of staying updated and make it less difficult as well as to promote the exploration of the city’s artistic offerings.