SHIFTCAM Mobile | The 12mm Ultra Wide Aspherical Lens (FINAL HRS!)

By developing professional grade detachable lenses for your mobile phone, ShiftCam is blurring the lines between DSLR and phone camera performance. Combining the pocket-sized portability of your mobile phone and the high-quality capability of a DSLR camera, ShiftCam Phonetography is on the rise.

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Board Game Bag & Calendar

Different situations call for carrying your bag differently. The shoulder strap on the bag is removable, and the backpack straps hide under the luggage handle slip so that everything is tucked away when you aren’t using them. Improved stitching at key weight bearing points and support strapping was adding to this bag to transfer lift force to the bottom of the bag instead of tugging on the top and sides.

The Layover Travel Blanket by GRAVEL

The Layover will change the way you look at travel blankets forever. World-renowned travel good creator team, Gravel have incorporated a ton of neat features to keep you comfortable on the go. The attached stuff sack packs into a zippered pocket on the side of the blanket to keep it out of the way when using the blanket.

On the Underground: London / Berlin (FINAL DAYS!)

In On the Underground, the players build the Underground lines in London or the U-Bahn lines in Berlin. On each turn, four destination cards are available, corresponding to stations on the map. A player may use two branch tokens to branch out of an existing line (whereas normally lines can be extended only at the endpoints). The player with the most passengers transported to all the landmarks in the game wins!

EDC Module Gadget "Retro Pen"

Super strong and super light, and super stylish, and generally this is the future. One standard but complex pen’s configuration and three color solutions are offered to you for choosing the ideal, precisely your style. Pen Available in 3 Colors: Black, Orange, Titanium.

The Isle of Cats | 1500% FUNDED!

You are citizens of Squall’s End on a rescue mission to The Isle of Cats and must rescue as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. Each cat is represented by a unique tile and belongs to a family, you must find a way to make them all fit on your boat while keeping families together.

Lumi Roli Music Keyboard | Learn and Play!

Playing a musical instrument is one of the great joys of life. Only problem is, it takes years of practice. LUMI lets everyone play and jam along to hit songs. You’ll be more musical in minutes — and amazed at how quickly you progress! Pledge for your Kickstarter-exclusively priced pledge rewards HERE!

uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the first of its kind. With the uKeg Nitro, you can brew, store and pour draft cold brew coffee… ON NITRO! Whether you’re pouring from the comfort of your home, your office or wherever life takes you, the uKeg Nitro is sure to keep up.

Middara: Unintentional Malum

Middara is a 1-4 player cooperative choose-your-own-adventure style miniatures board game. Players assume the role of a party of adventurers in an ultra-modern fantasy setting that exists alongside our very own Earth. During the game, players will experience an in depth, fully narrative-driven adventure that contains over 90 hours of content.


After crating the most funded accessory ever on Kickstarter two-times in a row, the SMART BELT 3.0 is the latest enhancement on the winning formula from Harmattan Leather… A nice and elegant, finely tuned package- made even better for 2019. Don’t miss your chance to pledge for exclusively-pried early bird pledges.

Dwellings of Eldervale

Dwellings of Eldervale is an epic worker placement game set in a once lost magical world. Giant elemental monsters roam while dragons, wizards and warriors battle for dominance over 8 elemental realms. Players control unique factions seeking to adventure, battle, grow in power and ultimately dwell Eldervale, shaping it to their vision.

The SIX by G-RO | Carry-on Luggage

The SIX was created for you, the modern traveler. G-RO’s unique take on 4-wheel luggage is the result of unparalleled innovation, incorporating the highest principles of industrial design, engineering and material science. After years of multidisciplinary research and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, G-RO developed the concept of ‘push’ luggage.

EARTHWORM JIM the Comic Book!

The epic comic book story of Earthworm Jim by the creator of Earthworm Jim! EARTHWORM JIM is about the world’s most unlikely hero… a worm! The evil Queen of Insectica has a super-suit invented that is capable of altering the universe when it is stolen by her ugly sister, Princess What’s-Her-Name…

Monikers: Serious Nonsense

If you’ve never heard of Monikers before, the rules are super simple: get your friends to guess the name on the card. The twist is that you play over three rounds, and each time, you have to give clues in different ways. The same deck of 50 or so cards are used in each round, so by the end of the game, you and your friends have made up a bunch of hilarious jokes together.

Fire Safe | Portable Fire Pit

Constructed entirely from 304 Stainless Steel. Patent-pending build with hinged collapsible design allows for a large fuel capacity and mighty fire while maintaining a packdown size slimmer than 1” and weighing less than 2.2lbs. This enables you to go on any kind of adventure (big or small) while minimizing the space it takes up in your bag.

Shotspresso: Compact Coffee Shot | JUST LAUNCHED!

In today’s world, we all live a busy lifestyle. Shotspresso has a slim figure integrated even with the cap, which makes it comfortable to store in your pocket. See for yourself how Shotspresso can fit into your lifestyle, everyone has a unique schedule, some enjoy being up early in the morning and others love to stay up all night long!

The Orijin Sponge

This all-natural shower accessory promotes self-care and mindfulness, and is developed with 100% biodegradable Orijin Sponge. Made from Japanese Konjac Plant Root and infused with anti-microbial bamboo charcoal, the Orijin Sponge will provide your skin with the TLC it deserves while also heightening your showering experience.