#1 Staff Favorite

Lumi Roli Music Keyboard | Learn and Play!

Playing a musical instrument is one of the great joys of life. Only problem is, it takes years of practice. That’s why a lot of people don’t learn, even though they love music. But this creative team figured out a new, smarter way to learn and play.

LUMI lets everyone play and jam along to hit songs. You’ll be more musical in minutes — and amazed at how quickly you progress!

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SKYE Footwear | Sneaker-Boot Hybrid

SKYE Sneaker-Boots can be dressed up for a day in town or dressed down to coordinate with the most casual athletic clothes you own. With a no-tie lace design, you can easily slip the shoe on or off — no time wasted. A discrete YKK zipper closure system located on the side of the shoe provides function and style.

The DUO Daypack by WANDRD

The DUO Daypack is a dawn-to-dusk, daily carrying beast that was tirelessly designed to go from work to play… to play to work… to work to work… to play to play… or whatever else you call your daily grinds, errands, and passions. With a radical, new InfiniteZip™ system, you get the opening of your choice – which means no more digging for what you need, no matter where it’s located.

NXT Digital Ring | FINAL HOURS!

A smart ring that closes the gap between living digital and being human. Built from Titanium and Crypto/ NFC payment enabled. Includes compatibility with social networks, your medical ID and many more valuable everyday features. Fast acting, battery-free, and dust & waterproof. No App Required, plus it’s secure and easy to use.

SmartHalo 2 | FINAL HOURS!

Designed by cyclists, for cyclists; SmartHalo 2 is the all-in-one connected device that breathes life into your bike. It helps you discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It protects your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. It tracks and displays your cycling metrics without having to push a single button, syncing with the fitness apps you already use.

SHIFTCAM 12mm Aspherical Lens

By developing professional grade detachable lenses for your mobile phone, ShiftCam is blurring the lines between DSLR and phone camera performance. Combining the pocket-sized portability of your mobile phone and the high-quality capability of a DSLR camera, ShiftCam Phonetography is on the rise.


After crating the most funded accessory ever on Kickstarter two-times in a row, the SMART BELT 3.0 is the latest enhancement on the winning formula from Harmattan Leather… A nice and elegant, finely tuned package- made even better for 2019. Don’t miss your chance to pledge for exclusively-pried early bird pledges.

The Layover Travel Blanket by GRAVEL

The Layover will change the way you look at travel blankets forever. World-renowned travel good creator team, Gravel have incorporated a ton of neat features to keep you comfortable on the go. The attached stuff sack packs into a zippered pocket on the side of the blanket to keep it out of the way when using the blanket.

EDC Module Gadget "Retro Pen"

Super strong and super light, and super stylish, and generally this is the future. One standard but complex pen’s configuration and three color solutions are offered to you for choosing the ideal, precisely your style. Pen Available in 3 Colors: Black, Orange, Titanium.

The Packable M1 Camera Strap

Designed to ensure durability, ease, making for simple & clean packability. Being able to pack an extra roll of film, batteries, and SD cards in the pocket while in use and packed is a complete game-changer. From the beginner to the pro, the outdoor adventurer to the studio creator. The M1 Camera Strap has you covered.

HEX x Jim Lee Backpacks

Now backable on Kickstarter, the first backpack, called HEX x Jim Lee Artist Backpack, is designed to allow artists to move their art supplies and portfolio safely. The second, dubbed the HEX x Jim Lee Collectors Backpack, provides convention goers and collectors with a safe way to haul their valuable loads around.

SOLIDteknics Wrought Stainless 10" Skillet

Wrought in one seamless piece and crafted in Chicago from legendary 3mm thick, highly conductive, non-Nickel ferritic stainless steel. Fast and even heat, very low maintenance, and multi-century durability. Each pan is stamped with the month and year of manufacture, and also stamped ‘First Edition’ for the first and last time, only available for Kickstarter backers in this campaign!

uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the first of its kind. With the uKeg Nitro, you can brew, store and pour draft cold brew coffee… ON NITRO! Whether you’re pouring from the comfort of your home, your office or wherever life takes you, the uKeg Nitro is sure to keep up.

Apollo 11 | Flip Book 50th Ann. Edition

Based on original footage from the NASA archives, shot during the different stages of the mission. 6 sequences that reflect the most significant maneuvers of the Apollo 11 mission are edited in multicam shots to show the action synchronized from different angles. You’ll find 3 sequences on each side of the book.

Pocket-Sized Cutlery & Chopsticks

Made from stainless steel, the collapsible cutlery and chopstick sets do away with plastic entirely and arrive in small cases made from recycled tin. In the case of the chopsticks, this measures just 80 by 24 mm (3.1 x 1 in), while the cutlery case measures 63 x 82 mm (2.4 x 3.2 in).

Chef Caddy | Spice Rack

Built for optimum kitchen organization with everything you need to get your space ready for cooking!: 15 cuisine groups, each with four spice cap labels and seasoning list. 60 total spice cap labels covering the 60 most common spices. 12 bottle collars for the most common oils, vinegars and non-perishable sauces. 5 blank label sets to write your own variations.


Cortèz creates the highest-quality outerwear and sells it straight from the manufacturer to you. This team is happy to introduce their new lightweight high-performance jackets, including all the features you need to embrace the outdoors. Don’t miss your chance to claim an exclusively-priced jacket perfect for every occasion.