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Suburbia Collector's Edition | FINAL HOURS!

Suburbia is a tile-laying, city-building game from Ted Alspach, originally published in 2012. Suburbia has won numerous awards, is highly rated on Boardgamegeek.com, and is widely considered the best city-building boardgame of all time.

Suburbia Collector’s Edition has been totally reworked from the ground up, with all new art, components, and additions. The fresh look of the design brings new life and amazing detail to your cities.

The clock’s ticking… Don’t miss your chance to pledge NOW for your copy HERE!


The 20+ features are built into this outdoor jacket, making it a 4-season versatile piece of gear to go from city streets to mountain trails. It’s perfect for urban cyclists, back packers, hikers and travelers. It’s 30% lighter (630g) and has the best packing system ever designed into a jacket. Designed without compromises on style or safety.


What is the TOKYO SERIES?? 12 unique games from Jordan Draper about life in Tokyo that can be played stand alone or mixed together! Here are the latest 3 additions to the series: TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY, TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET, and TOKYO GAME SHOW!

Minimalist Mesh | Disruptive Luxury Watches

For the past 18 months this team has been designing and redesigning the perfect everyday minimalist watch. With the best materials and components, they have built a true quality & minimalist timepiece under $89- Swiss Movement, Sapphire Coated Crystal, 316L Surgical Steel Case & Milanese Magnetic Mesh Band.

Cascade Cables | Lightning to USB C Cables

The Cascade Cables will feature Apple’s brand new c94 Chip, which allows third party manufacturers to now produce Lightning to USB C cables. It’s time to ditch the dongles and enable Fast Charging on your Apple Devices today! Pledge enow for your early bird rewards at save up to 30% off retail today!

VEER 18 | Packable Bag (600% FUNDED)

The VEER 18L pack is the first packable bag with an inflatable back panel and inflatable camera cube, giving you the right balance between having enough bag and keeping it minimal – whether you’re a photographer… or not. Pledge for your super early bird rewards HERE!

Zendure SuperTank | 1 Hr. Recharge

Designed by the heralded Zendure team… Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% (when not in use). Together with 27,000 mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

Companion | Emergency Survival System

Meet your newest companion. The world’s most advanced two person 72 hour emergency survival system. Fusing unmatched organization, quality, and quick access – built to withstand whatever life throws your way. Pledge for your rewards before time runs out!

Genius Pack | Supercharged

Meet The Future of Travel! The Genius Pack Supercharged is a premium carry-on built to last with a 100% polycarbonate shell, organizational category compartments, 2 USB ports and a removable Power Pack to recharge phones up to 4 times. Save up to 40% off retail on your pledge today!

GoTie by The Chuck Norris Team!

The GoTies are the world’s first pre-tied adjustable necktie. With just three easy steps: 1. Loosen the neck and place over your head 2. Adjust the length to the top of your belt line 3. Tighten the neck and you’re done!

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game

Galactic raiders from beyond our solar system launch an attack on the first human outpost on Mars. It’s time to team up with your fellow heroes, stick to your principles, and save the day! Welcome to the world of Sentinel Comics, an exciting place of super-powered heroes, dastardly villains, and the ever-changing environments where they clash!

Sub | The World's Smallest Torch

Available from $19 or roughly £15 the tiny torch is the same length as a US quarter, or just shy of 1 inch in length. All pledges include free worldwide shipping which is expected to commence during May 2019. The tiny torch is also waterproof, fireproof and available in either gold or black finishes depending on your preference.


The Premier Seamless Sound and Lighting System. That’s DAL, designed by the Napal. If you want to blend music and light within every aspect of your home life, then DAL is exactly what you need. You can harmonize music, lighting , and atmosphere. Featuring the perfect fusion between top class home lighting and acoustics.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 | JUST LAUNCHED!

Nebia was created to fundamentally change the way that we interact with water. Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 is an improved even “better shower” experience. Step in and turn it on. The billowing streams of water will immediately caress you, wrapping you in an embrace that was made for you. This is Nebia: inviting, effective, indulgent.

The Maker Knife

The Utility Knife Blade is an extremely useful tool, especially in the hand of a maker. Its uses are almost endless, yet few people use it. Why? Because there is no holder designed to fit the needs of us makers. So these creators decided to make one.

Aliumi Bow Tie

Made for ordinary folks to feel extraordinary in this ordinary world and help them on the way to be noticed for what they really are. Different. Each individual bow tie comes packaged in a custom box made specifically for the design. This allows it to be stored and displayed safely (because these creators KNOW you are going to be showing it off).

Syfer | Complete Network Protection

Powered by the world’s top cyber threat intelligence feeds and our proprietary machine learning algorithms, Syfer detects and fends off malicious activity in real-time. Say goodbye to malware, ransomware, phishing, online fraud, identity theft, & cyber criminals!