#1 Staff Favorite

Super Straps: Relieve Backpack Strain & Improve Posture

From creator, Katherine Krug, who also created the #1 best selling posture improvement and back pain relief device: BetterBack. Collecting and testing wisdom from hundreds of experts from around the world their team has also developed a comprehensive guide essential exercises, stretches and practices to optimize your back and neck health.

Now here’s their latest offering: SuperStraps- which is the worlds first and only backpack booster that instantly relieves shoulder and back tension + lifts 27 pounds of force off your neck. With a sleek and minimal behind your everyday backpack straps, it activates in 1 second flat when your bag starts to feel heavy.


Nomatic: Laptop & Messenger Bags

The NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop bags were designed for everyday use. The main difference between the two is size. The Messenger bag holds 15 liters while the Laptop bag holds 10 liters. The Messenger bag has all the features found in the Laptop bag, plus a few added features as well.

Micro Wallet: FINAL HOURS

ENDING SOON: After 2 Kickstarters and over 100,000 wallets sold, they’re back to spread their love of Tyvek® and Art. Showcasing 7 brand new designs by cutting edge artists worldwide, with exclusive backer-only selections, the Micro Wallet is their slimmest, strongest design yet.

Dinosaur Island by Pandosaurus Games

Players will have to collect DNA, research the DNA sequences of extinct dinosaur species and then combine the ancient DNA in the correct sequence to bring these prehistoric creatures back to life. Be sure to make the right choices to keep your guests safe around all those dinos though!

Shockstop Seatpost

The ShockStop Seatpost is an adjustable-stiffness suspension seatpost that will dramatically improve your ride by smoothing out the road. It is equally suited for an epic gravel adventure or just dealing with potholes on your daily commute.

Gunsmith Cats: Explosive Edition

Available for the first time in stunning HD! In this 3-episode OVA, Rally and May are blackmailed by a slimy ATF agent into helping him bust some gunrunners, but things rapidly get out of hand when they run afoul of a shadowy mastermind and a psychotic Russian hitwoman!

Ombraz: Comfortable & Durable Sunnies

Ombraz eliminate sidearms, hinges & screws and attach directly to a minimalist, ultra-comfy, adjustable cord. They won’t break, won’t fall off & are more comfortable than any sunglasses you have ever worn. Ombraz are live on Indiegogo. Save 46%!

Oddworld Collection: LAST CHANCE!

Exploration and celebration of an icon, his world and his adventures. Freshly unearthed concept art, original game design documents, brand new interviews with the Oddworld creators and more, presented in a lovingly-crafted, premium hard cover book.

Moment Filmmaker Collection

ENDING SOON: This device allows for shooting a wider focal length in the horizontal direction and a longer focal length in the vertical. Capture a super wide-angle image with the inherent shallow depth of field and perspective of a telephoto lens.

The Voyage Chair | Beach Chair Reimagined

Features anti-theft protection, extra wide & padded shoulder straps, real wooden arm rests, adjustable pillow, flexible & anti-sand mesh seat, and much more! Become an early backer today to be the first to get your hands on the Voyage Chair.

Revol Dog Crate & Snooz Pad

Convenient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for today’s modern pet owner. Made with a simple collapsing mechanism, to completely close using just one hand. Free of difficult closures and made with secure, steel mesh to ensure your dog won’t harm themselves.

Artem Charta: Leather Bound GoT

An up-and-coming maker of collector’s editions and leather bound books for all genres. This project starts with a leather bound edition of “A Game of Thrones”, book one in the series A Song of Ice and Fire. This will be followed by the release of the rest of the four books in the series/

GEORGES MÉLIÈS: Long Lost Autobiography

81 years ago, at the age of 77, Georges Méliès – the father of narrative and fantastical film – hand-wrote his autobiography; the story of the creation of cinema from not only a firsthand witness but also its greatest innovator. This is one of the great unseen texts of cinema history.

Jiuskousa Luxury Watches

The style, taste and values of one generation passing on to the next…continuing a legacy. Built for telling time, but they’re so much more. They’re a way of measuring yourself against time and all the different seasons of life each one of us goes through.

SteepShot: LAST DAY

FINAL HOURS: SteepShot is a manual brewing device for coffee. With minimalism and practicality at the forefront, SteepShot is a great experimentation tool. You can play around with grind size, brewing time, how much water you use, how much coffee you use and agitation.

BozGo: Fitness Tracker Watch

Built with 24-hour seamless heart-rate tracking and sleep monitoring. It’s incredibly useful but stylish too. And best of all, it even includes all the best qualities of an activity tracker and a fashion watch while keeping the price affordable for anyone.

Crypt: By Road to Infamy Games

Send your servants into the crypt chambers to pilfer the best treasure. While your servants will unquestioningly do your bidding, grave robbing is exhausting work! Claim Treasure cards by placing Servant dice and choosing any value on each die to designate each Servant’s effort.