#1 Staff Favorite

TEMPEST: Personal Weather System

A revolutionary home weather station and app that uses real-time data from your backyard to inform AI-powered data science for a guaranteed better forecast. Shipping begins in May!

Cheat Sheets - Sheet Pan Cooking Reimagined

Introducing Cheat Sheets, a completely new approach to sheet pan cooking. Oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers that will streamline your cooking and divide your ingredients, to make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze.

The Smart Wallet

The contents of your regular wallet fit into this tiny thing, equipped with a pull tab to get the cards out easily, is RFID protected to prevent theft, includes a multitool and key clip. It also has an elastic strap so it can also hold bigger stuff and is made of real vegetable-tanned leather, the best type of leather.

Cubbit: Secure Cloud Storage Hub

LIMITED TIME PERK! Like other Cloud storage services, Cubbit lets you access and share your data remotely. But unlike other Cloud services, Cubbit isn’t based on a centralized data center which means it can offer a whole host of extra features like being free for life, allowing multiple users, being impossibly fast, and disaster-proof.

Tapeworm | Just Launched!

A spacial 2-4+ player card game where people take turns creating and cutting apart their tapeworms from Edmund McMillen (The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, and more). The goal of this game is that you can pick it up and play with anyone right away, but the more you play the more the strategy reveals itself.

WYN Bullet

Spring-loaded emergency window breaker. Its patent-pending direct-impact technology delivers a powerful strike directly to a tungsten carbide tip, allowing the vehicle occupant to easily break car windows for emergency escape.

Misa, Next-Generation Social Family Robot

JUST LAUNCHED! Misa is a state-of-the-art, next-generation consumer robot. It operates on a super interactive and personal level, becoming a part of your family. What makes Misa stand out is her dynamic personality that allows Misa to interact with her surroundings just like a human.

La Marque - The Lifetime Brass Pen Collection

This collection is designed to have nothing but the essential, with no mechanisms or plastics that can fade over time. Just a precise mechanical design. Made in Italy and created to accompany on your life journey.

Sonic Dutch: Make Cold Brew Coffee in 5 Minutes

Sonic Dutch is a miraculous new coffee maker that cuts the cold brew steeping process down to just five minutes! Its innovative sonic vibration technology produces up to 1 liter of cold brew while listening to your favorite music.

MONSTER X: Portable Power Stations

Monster X is a game-changer in the world of generators! Its powerful battery can provide 2,000W of power output, just like a standard wall socket! And it packs a massive 1,300Wh capacity, which means all your devices will stay powered for hours and hours, so you’ll never be stranded without power. Lifetime battery warranty (IGG exclusive)!

Fat Freezer Cordless

The Fat Freezer CryoShape System has taken 5 clinical technologies and made them available for home use at a fraction of the price. Would you like to freeze fat from your belly, back, waist, arms, inner thighs, and buttocks, giving you a natural and sculpted shape as you’ve always wanted?

Suave 2.0 – Luxuriously Versatile Wallets

This wallet holds 12 cards, 20 bills, 2 SD cards, a Micro SD, a SIM, and a SIM pin, all of which are secured in a custom-built RFID lining. It’s made from a smooth, vegan microfiber that never changes color.

Dodos Riding Dinos | Just Launched!

This dexterity racing game for 1-6 players with funny miniatures and art is available in English and Spanish. The miniatures were skillfully crafted by Heriberto Valle. Dodos and Dinos is from the same universe as War for Chicken Island.

The NEO: Espresso Maker

The NEO makes delicious, in-home espresso easily and affordably. They designed this product knowing that Moka pots, many pod machines, and other in-home brewers claim to make espresso, but really only provide you with a cup of strong coffee.

Eliminati: Odor Eliminator | Just Launched!

Their formula of over a hundred powerful odor-fighting compounds conceals and eliminates bathroom and household odors at the source. It leaves behind a balanced, understated fragrant blend of spiced essential oils that’ll leave others wondering why your sh*t don’t stink.

OYO NOVA Gym | Just Launched!

The OYO Nova Gym uses SpiraFlex resistance, which feels smooth and linear like free-weights, without the weight or momentum. SpiraFlex FlexPacks, rated at 10lbs each, snap on to provide up to 40lbs of total resistance, yet the entire unit only weighs 2.5lbs and folds up to fit in your bag or carry-on.

Casamera: The Bathrobe, Redefined

Forget the heavyweight, bulky robes of the past. Their breathable clever-comfort design means your robe will be comfortable to move in, won’t ever feel too hot, or require you to wash or dry separately.