#1 Staff Favorite

The Camera Pack: Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

Photographer and vlogger Peter McKinnon has teamed up with bag manufacturer NOMATIC to create a unique camera travel backpack with a long list of special features including…

✅Aluminum stays and waist straps
✅Tension straps on the shoulders
✅Thick shoulder pads
✅Breathable Eva foam channels
✅Carry-on size (for flights)
✅4 grab handles
✅Water-resistance structure
✅Luggage passthrough handle
✅Locking zippers

The clock is ticking… Don’t miss your chance to pledge for Kickstarter-exclusive pricing HERE now!

Unravel 2 | Smart Wireless Charger

JUST LAUNCHED! The Unravel 2 requires a 60W adapter in order to charge all devices optimally. Unravel 2 will support a 7.W wireless charge for iPhone 8 and beyond. Aside from all Apple devices, all newer Samsung phones are supported by 10W to 15W wireless charging and charge at the max wireless charging speed.

Nebula Cosmos Max 4K Cinema

Cosmos Max combines breathtaking 4K visuals, 3D audio, and Android 9 to realize our ambition of creating the ultimate all-in-one home cinema projector. And Cosmos is the 1080p, but just-as-feature-packed, version of their latest home cinema.

BrüMachen®: K-Cup Portable Brewer

JUST LAUNCHED! You know exactly how you like your coffee, and now you never have to settle for the nearest coffee vendor nor pay more than you should for a cup of joe. The BRÜMACHEN 1.0 was designed to solve the biggest consumer pain points so its no longer necessary to walk into a convenience store or coffee shop when you’re on-the-go. Fresh and affordable coffee anytime, anywhere at the push of a button.

Graphene-X 3-Layer Jacket

FINAL HOURS! The graphene-integrated all-around jacket sets a new standard for versatility, performance and comfort. The jacket sports a stylish, minimalistic design thanks to the integration of a graphene layer that makes it waterproof, lightweight, breathable, durable and more.

WalkingPad R1 Pro

The WalkingPad R1 Pro is the perfect treadmill to get your daily cardio in while you work in front of a desk or watch TV at home. With its foldable and small footprint design, it can fit in just about any room. Start walking or running at your leisure without even leaving your house.

Prepd Skillet

Prepd Skillet combines non-stick convenience with the performance, versatility, and durability of cast-iron, to create the ultimate pan. With a beautiful minimal aesthetic and polished smooth cooking surface, this skillet is unlike any cast-iron you’ve ever seen.

Dispel Dice With Sharp Edges & Inclusions

Handcrafted designer dice sets with sharp edges and beautiful inclusions for the aesthetic-conscious tabletop RPG player. Tabletop RPG gaming saved this creator’s life when she was struggling. As a way to contribute back to the fandom creatively, she started Dispel Dice.

GripBeats | Musical Instrument Hands

JUST LAUNCHED! Create music in any style, sound or instrument with a device that connects to your smart device or computer wirelessly over Bluetooth. The GripBeats® App (iOS/Android) allows growing gestures-to-music configurations and lessons on how to play music virtually, through movement.

Labfresh Pants

Combined with the superior craftsmanship and enforced seems and thread, these pants will outlast any other pants in your closet. The outside repels liquids and semi-liquids, while the inside is anti-bacterial and odor-repellent.

3Dsimo Multipro 3D Pen Tool

FINAL HOURS! Create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Create phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys & more. Repair 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices & more.

MOVI Trucker Hat

FINAL HOURS! The ultimate Trucker Hat that addresses everything current trucker hats don’t. A hat that can be stuffed, rolled, packed, washed, floatable, and that still looks great. It easily rebounds to its original shape post.

TYTUS COMBO | Titanium Glasses

An all-new innovative design that combines a unique locking system, top notch materials, timeless Italian design and manufacturing: ALL-IN-ONE. The patented® Locking System built to last, extending the lifecycle of your glasses from today to forever.

SlimFold® Coin RFID Travel Wallet

FINAL DAYS! Are you a minimalist who lives outside the US or travels a lot? There’s finally a wallet for you! The SlimFold Coin has a pouch that holds coins or other small items. It uses magnets to stay flat and features Hybrid RFID to keep your payment and ID cards safe while allowing transit cards to scan through.

Air Quad | MFi 4-in-1 Apple Charger

FINAL HOURS! The Air Quad is the ultimate 4-in-1 MFi certified wireless charging station for all Apple family devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPad. The Air Trio is a 3-in-1 MFi certified wireless charging station (the ‘lite version’) for those who don’t need to charge AirPods.

Rumpl X Loki: The Travel Dog Bed

The Travel Dog Bed combines technical materials, premium comfort, and unparalleled portability. For adventurous dogs that like to roam, nothing else compares. Designed with all of the technical features you’d expect from premium outdoor gear in compact, travel-ready package.

🚽The Degenderator | For All Gender Bathrooms 🧻

A campaign to help de-gender all bathrooms, to help people feel welcome and safe. 100% of proceeds are funneled into making more signs and giving them away. Designed to be ADA Compliant with tactile lettering and braille, legal for public use in entire USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.