#1 Staff Favorite

The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling | FINAL HOURS!

Alright we just found this super rad project on Kickstarter. We’ve never been SO excited for a toiletry bag before, this is the best toiletry bag we’ve seen! This bag carries tons of toiletries while staying organized & compact – pack in an electric razor, electric toothbrush, loads of liquids, etc. There’s even a removable pouch that fits liquids for quick airport security scans + preventing shampoo explosions.


The Riviera | Best Waterproof Backpack

Designed to avoid liquid exposure to your belongings within. All seams are laser cut and then welded with radio waves to resist up to a 100.000mm water column and achieve extreme waterproof standards. Built with with high-density EVA foam to reach high shock absorbing standards.

Woodies Performance Shorts

Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit! SPECIAL bundled pledges now available!

The Thinking Egg

For centuries, the egg has symbolized life, wealth and promise. This project uses natural materials that can work in harmony with the eggs simple yet captivating symbology and design. Ergonomically designed to feel great in your hands while also being extremely portable.

Prometheus Writes | Alpha Fountain Pen

The new Alpha Bamboo body design pays homage to the Reed Pen, the original “mother hen” of pens, which dates back thousands of years. It’s also inspired by a “bamboo finish”, as bamboo is a renewable resource – like good ideas that will never run out.

Pico U. Brew Everything.

A smart and compact brewing appliance that makes it easy to create your favorite craft beverages: From your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to a kombucha or yerba mate afternoon pick-me-up to delicious pints of fresh craft beer as your end-of-day treat.

EverCam | Wireless Home Security

EverCam is designed from the ground up to offer wireless freedom, giving you freedom to install EverCam practically anywhere. Stick the mount onto any flat surface and EverCam’s ready to go—in less than a second; or just stick it directly onto most metallic surfaces.

Cold Brew on Tap 2.0

The perfect at-home cold brew coffee maker that lets you play barista and brew up a week’s worth of cold brew in less than a minute. This thing is going to change your morning coffee routine! The spigot that serves up cold, refreshing cold brew straight from your fridge or counter!

DREVO BladeMaster: Ultimate Keyboard

The perfect bluetooth keyboard and programmable knob for entry-level, casual gamers, and upcoming enthusiasts to start with gaming keyboards. Perfect for work-life business needs as well. 20% off retail price available now as a Kickstarter Special for campaign backers only!

monkii Pocket Gym

After starting this 21-Day introductory program, you may feel and/or see muscles you never knew you had, you may push some boundaries, and most of all you’ll have some fun. Be sure to catch your EARLY BIRD pledge at 35% off retail value NOW!

Story Time Chess

When learning chess, the younger you start, the more beneficial it is especially to children under the age of 7. Parents can get their children ahead by experiencing the full potential and impact chess can have by introducing it to their children at the youngest ages possible.

Rollux | Think Bigger, Travel Smarter!

Are you overpaying expensive baggage fees? Do you ever feel stuck while on vacation and limited to what you can buy due to your suitcase size? It’s time travelers got the freedom and flexibility they deserve, and with this smart 2-in-1 suitcase, they can!

The Very Good Bra

Comes in 24 proper sizes! Zero waste elastic made from sustainably farmed rubber trees and organic cotton, for organic sewing thread, organic inks, completely compostable packaging, and the cleanest and most sustainably made Tencel.

The Bandicoot Headlamp | FINAL HOURS

Designed with placement of LEDs in the optimum position for ease of use and optimum lighting in your field of vision. 4 sets of LEDs pumping out over 100+ lumens. Pick up your Bandicoot Headlamp at the EARLIEST BANDICOOT pledge price NOW!

Andymation's Flipbook Kit

Each kit includes enough premium paper and binding screws to make 4 flipbooks or 2 XL size flipbooks. This premium paper is the perfect size and thickness for smooth flipping. It is also acid free which means it will not yellow with time. Pick your’s up today for 25% off retail value!

Travel Watch | 24 Time Zones

This world timer shows the time for the main 24 time zones simultaneously whereas a traditional GMT can only monitor one other selected time zone. Using a clever dual-layer rotating disc system, they are able to reverse engineer the first quartz hybrid world timer using a Swiss GMT movement.

Plus+: 3-in-1 Versatile Utility Jacket

Plus+ Jacket is the Best 3-in-1 travel jacket, made with the First Smart Pocket System. Self-Cleaning Nano-Technology fabric will repel any kind of liquids, stain or odor. Plus+ is available for OVER 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME RIGHT NOW!!!!