#1 Staff Favorite

Nebula Cosmos Max | 4K Home Cinema with 3D Audio

JUST LAUNCHED! Cosmos Max combines breathtaking 4K visuals, 3D audio, and Android 9 to realize our ambition of creating the ultimate all-in-one home cinema projector. And Cosmos is the 1080p, but just-as-feature-packed, version of our latest home cinema.

Cosmos captures that magic thanks to its 150-inch picture. From the bustling streets of New York to the mesmerizing emptiness of space, lose yourself in worlds beyond your imagination right from the comfort of your couch.

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Evelyn & Bobbie Luxury Loungewear

JUST LAUNCHED! EFFORTLESS, VERSATILE LUXURY. Breathable, durable, luxurious. Brilliant little design details you’ll love. Made in the U.S.A. The sumptuous feel and craftsmanship of these pieces means no more surprise slippage, no more losing the tie, and no more damp sleeves after washing your face!

PrinCube | Smallest Mobile Color Printer

PrinCube is the ultimate handheld, portable printer. It’s ultra-lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand and lets you create fast, vivid, color printing anywhere. It works over Wi-Fi with your phone to easily upload any text, image, or design and instantly print onto virtually any object or surface at the touch of a button.


Why does your current activewear retain stink? Why isn’t it breathable? High polyester blends smell worse because bacteria thrives on it, plus these blends are scratchy and trap heat. This blend is designed for maximum stay freshness and comfort.

Taskin Air Duo

Taskin Air Duo has dual-side compression packing so you can pack more in the same space and keep clean & dirty clothes separate. Including an air-breathable 100% see-through section to keep fresh clothes wrinkle-free and an odor and water-resistant pouch to keep dirty laundry sealed up tight.

Woodies | Sustainable Stretch Jeans

We’ve all had that pair of jeans that we loved. They fit just right, were soft & durable, but then you had to stop wearing them, and ever since then you’ve been settling. Too big, too generic, too cheap. Woodies is recapturing that magic with these sustainable, stretchy, tailored-to-fit-you jeans!

G1 Jacket

ENDING TODAY! Meet the G1 Jacket. Made from Graphene, it heats up in ten seconds. The jacket is insulating, heat-conducting, and built with far infrared technology. It’s eco-friendly, anti-odor, anti-static, and even rated for temperatures under 20°F . You need it this winter!

GIR Straws

Get It Right reusable silicone straws are designed with your safety in mind. Made from platinum grade silicone, our straws are soft and bendy enough to keep you safe—but tough enough to handle the thickest milkshakes and all those yummy frappes people can’t seem to get enough of.

Westwell: Modern Belts, Modular Tools

FINAL DAYS! 4 different belts that come with standard modular tools ranging from bottle openers to screwdrivers. The tools are designed to be invisible to the viewer, so you can remain stylish and comfortable.

ClickPack X

A sleek functional anti-theft backpack made of high-quality cut-proof material, you’ll always feel secure whether you’re traveling or out and about. It keeps its shape no matter what’s inside and has convenient charging, so you don’t have to fish around for cables

Levitex® Gravity Defying Pillow

Soft like a traditional memory foam but firm like a sprung mattress all in one material composition. At 25% compression (light squeeze) the softness takes all the pressure off your body whilst at 65% compression (firm squeeze) the resistance supports your body and maintains your posture.

Tilt Five: Holographic Tabletop Gaming

ENDING SOON! Augmented Reality glasses that open up a whole new holographic game space. Tilt Five is a whole new way to play games, in Augmented Reality, with freaking holograms! When you slip on the Tilt Five glasses and look at the game board, a vibrant 3D world opens up to you.

Chargeasap Infinity Cable

One powerful enough to work with all USB devices supporting micro USB, Apple, USB-C as well as the biggest device in your arsenal, USB-C laptops. Not only can the Infinity Cable support QC 3.0 & 4.0, but for the first time ever, it can support power delivery charging up to 100W!

The Automatic Watch by Hanbury

The first self-winding watch ever. It’s durable, reliable and different. The Automatic is a true spirit of independence. Made from strong 316L Stainless Steel, the automatic case is 40mm in Diameter, 12mm in Thickness & 45mm Lug to Lug, offering strength, durability, comfort and a long-lasting visual appearance.

Give’r Frontier Mittens

The warmest, 100% waterproof, all-leather mitten. Give’r tested for protection & longevity. Own your frontier & give it your all! They will keep your hands nice and cozy — even in extreme cold. The Frontier Mitten can also be hand-waxed for increased leather longevity and weatherproofing.

Food Huggers Lids | Love Your Leftovers

Made of soft, FDA approved silicone. And with a tempered, shatter-resistant glass top, our Food Huggers lids are made to last. Each lid adapts to fit different sized bowls using our patented Food Huggers seal to keep the freshness in. If you hate single-use plastics and food waste, you’re going LOVE them. It’s never been so easy to be good!


THE FIRST DIMENSION is a Sci-Fi Artificial Intelligence Ghost Story Comic Book that creatively explores the possible consequences of seeing A.I. entities increasingly controlling every aspect of our lives… and why that is initially seen as convenient can quickly become a nightmare.