#1 Staff Favorite

Passport GO Travel Adapter by Zendure | FUNDED IN 2 HRS!

GaN technology allows Passport GO to deliver 30W of power through its USB-C port. Achieving the same performance without GaN would require a more bulky form factor to accommodate larger components and excess heat dissipation. In short, we’ve made it faster, more powerful, and compatible with the latest devices.

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SHIFTCAM 12mm Aspherical Lens

By developing professional grade detachable lenses for your mobile phone, ShiftCam is blurring the lines between DSLR and phone camera performance. Combining the pocket-sized portability of your mobile phone and the high-quality capability of a DSLR camera, ShiftCam Phonetography is on the rise.

The Layover Travel Blanket by GRAVEL

The Layover will change the way you look at travel blankets forever. World-renowned travel good creator team, Gravel have incorporated a ton of neat features to keep you comfortable on the go. The attached stuff sack packs into a zippered pocket on the side of the blanket to keep it out of the way when using the blanket.

The GRILLGUN..."The Ultimate Grill Torch!"

The GrillGun also has multiple uses beyond just lighting charcoal grills and smokers, works great for anything you need high heat and fire: lighting chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, etc. Don’t miss out on Kickstarter-exclusive pricing on rewards and save up to 25% off retail value!

Danish Watches by Nordgreen | FINAL HRS!

The Nordgreen take on the Chronograph is a celebration of the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, a concept established to create positive change for humankind and nature, that celebrates the sustainable future that they dream of. The clean space around the dial is a reflection of a clean environment.


It’s Pride Month. You deserve to be proud. Sometimes it’s hard to show your pride. Sometimes people call you fake, or say you don’t belong, but you can’t be afraid. You are valid and you will not be erased. PRIDE PINS is a collection of enamel pins displaying animals holding pride flags. Wear these on your hats, lapels, bags… You name it! Show your pride.

The Dorai Mold-Free Dish Rack

A Dish Rack designed for your life. The Diomat base instantly evaporates water to prevent mold and bacteria. It also comes with a built in cutting board holder and extra space for pots, pans and bowls. It’s modern, durable steel rails that can be customized for your needs from home chef, to athletes, to new moms and dads.

Parásole 2.0 | Revolutionary 3D Socks

Parásole is the world’s first 3D recovery footwear that combines the comfort & freedom of an athletic compression sock with key properties of a supportive insole, and traction and protection of an outsole to help relieve tired achy feet. This Patented technology is engineered with a generative designed polymer sole providing dynamic arch support, improved pressure distribution, and micro-cushioning.

EVA Cushion v2.0

The EVA Cushion eases back pain by improving your posture. The shape of the cushion is designed to lift your tailbone and support your thighs and buttocks, maintaining your back’s natural S-curve for minimal spinal compression and maximum ergonomic comfort.


After crating the most funded accessory ever on Kickstarter two-times in a row, the SMART BELT 3.0 is the latest enhancement on the winning formula from Harmattan Leather… A nice and elegant, finely tuned package- made even better for 2019. Don’t miss your chance to pledge for exclusively-pried early bird pledges.

The DUO Daypack by WANDRD

The DUO Daypack is a dawn-to-dusk, daily carrying beast that was tirelessly designed to go from work to play… to play to work… to work to work… to play to play… or whatever else you call your daily grinds, errands, and passions. With a radical, new InfiniteZip™ system, you get the opening of your choice – which means no more digging for what you need, no matter where it’s located.

MAGNETIPS | Incredible magnetic gel pens

At first glance, these new gel pens form Magnetips look a bit like magic. Each pen hides 2 powerful Neodymium Magnets. They are great for coloring and doodling, but with the help of the magnets you will be able to fidget, play and create like with no other pen set around. Check out their campaign HERE.

MAXFIT | Portable All-In-1 Smart Gym

MaxFit is a beautifully designed, ultra-compact, total body work out fitness machine. We’ve created an affordable solution for a full body workout on your terms. The MaxFit is a connected fitness platform that allows people of all ages and all fitness levels, from the elite athlete to the fitness newbie, to assess, plan, motivate, improve and reach their health goals.

Magnetic Anti-Roll Titanium Pen

MAGNO-INK Ti is a highly unique pen powered by a combination of High Strength Magnets. It features an Anti-roll mechanism and is made from Space Grade Titanium meaning it is incredibly strong. It is the first and only pen in the world to operate in this way.

Awel Tennis Shoes | JUST LAUNCHED!

Comfortable, stylish, washable and eco-friendly. The Awel Tennis are here to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. And all of that is born from Recycled water bottles and super-soft Merino Wool. The Awel Tennis is a perfect shoe for all your day-to-day adventures. You can wear them in the office, with your friends and are perfect for travelling.

SOLIDteknics Wrought Stainless 10" Skillet

Wrought in one seamless piece and crafted in Chicago from legendary 3mm thick, highly conductive, non-Nickel ferritic stainless steel. Fast and even heat, very low maintenance, and multi-century durability. Each pan is stamped with the month and year of manufacture, and also stamped ‘First Edition’ for the first and last time, only available for Kickstarter backers in this campaign!


Built for optimum kitchen organization with everything you need to get your space ready for cooking!: 15 cuisine groups, each with four spice cap labels and seasoning list. 60 total spice cap labels covering the 60 most common spices. 12 bottle collars for the most common oils, vinegars and non-perishable sauces. 5 blank label sets to write your own variations.