#1 Staff Favorite

Whistler Self-Healing Windbreaker by Coalatree

The Whistler Windbreaker is self-healing, featherweight, and functional—in short, it’s the jacket that does it all.

Your perfect travel piece, it’s got five pockets for storing your phone, wallet, gloves, and more, plus it’s coated with a DWR application to keep light precipitation at bay.

The final week is upon us! Don’t miss your chance for backer-exclusive pricing on your pledge today HERE!

POWERUP 4.0 | Smart Paper Airplane

FINAL DAYS! POWERUP 4.0 is the smartest, most intuitive paper plane kit we’ve ever made. It makes it possible to fly with ease and smoothness in a variety of conditions. That means flying POWERUP 4.0 is smoother than ever. Say goodbye to nosedives and choppy flights.

3Dsimo Multipro 3D Pen Tool

Create 3D objects without any knowledge of 3D modeling. Just start creating or repairing. Create: phone covers, models of buildings, cosplay parts, jewelry, statues, action figures, household items, toys and much more. Repair: 3D printed objects, toys, delaminated cables, electronic devices and much more.

Woodies | Sustainable Stretch Jeans

We’ve all had that pair of jeans that we loved. They fit just right, were soft & durable, but then you had to stop wearing them, and ever since then you’ve been settling. Too big, too generic, too cheap. Woodies is recapturing that magic with these sustainable, stretchy, tailored-to-fit-you jeans!

Chargeasap Infinity Cable

One powerful enough to work with all USB devices supporting micro USB, Apple, USB-C as well as the biggest device in your arsenal, USB-C laptops. Not only can the Infinity Cable support QC 3.0 & 4.0, but for the first time ever, it can support power delivery charging up to 100W!

Shine Bathroom

The future of the bathroom is here. It’s simple, automated, and chemical-free. Introducing the Shine Bathroom Assistant – a simple device that automates cleaning & maintenance. Shine installs anywhere near your toilet in minutes. It will automatically clean and deodorize your toilet without chemicals.

Nomatic x Peter McKinnon Camera Pack

Designed to allow you to pack your clothes on one side and your camera gear on the other, the functionality and versatility of this pack is second to none and it’s not hard to see why it has already secured over $1m in funding over on Kickstarter. Save $100 off the final retail price- don’t miss your chance to make your move if you want to get your hands on one for a bargain price!

ClickPack X

A sleek functional anti-theft backpack made of high-quality cut-proof material, you’ll always feel secure whether you’re traveling or out and about. It keeps its shape no matter what’s inside and has convenient charging, so you don’t have to fish around for cables

Taskin Air Duo

Taskin Air Duo has dual-side compression packing so you can pack more in the same space and keep clean & dirty clothes separate. Including an air-breathable 100% see-through section to keep fresh clothes wrinkle-free and an odor and water-resistant pouch to keep dirty laundry sealed up tight.

Westwell: Modern Belts, Modular Tools

FINAL HOURS! 4 different belts that come with standard modular tools ranging from bottle openers to screwdrivers. The tools are designed to be invisible to the viewer, so you can remain stylish and comfortable.

Just Simple Power Bank

Even if you don’t actually have 5 devices that you would need to charge at one time, having the option to charge that many devices at once is awesome! The built-in three-in-one cables is a simple, but powerful addition to keep your phone, iPad/ tablet, your friend or family’s phones charged, your Nintendo Switch, and so much more!

UNICO Waterproof Digital Bags

Designed with full radio welded seams (RFW) guaranteed to be maximum waterproof. Durable water resistant (DWR) is customized with lamination to provide the best protection for your delicate electronics. This creator team has raised the bar of outdoor accessories with inner welding finishing to leave a smooth surface in all corners, fabric threads-free.

Vortex | Tranquility in your Fingertips

FINAL DAYS! The Vortex fits any size of fingers, from small children (while supervised) to the biggest of adults. We all need to take a moment to just detract ourselves from the stressors of daily life. Turn your world in the opposite direction and let the Vortex animate your desktop.

Mu Two | Next Gen 63W USB-C

Introducing the Mu Two – the World’s thinnest international USB Type-C fast charger, and our most powerful Mu wall charger yet. Simultaneously charge your devices with the dual USB Type-C ports. Designed with a primary USB C port for the latest Type-C charged laptops, and secondary USB C port for tablets and smartphones.

Avocado Rise by TROPICFEEL

FINAL DAYS! An all-new documentary on the making of the latest innovation in travel shoe-wear. Canyon is the all-terrain sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sports shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favorite daily pieces.

MezmoTop™ | Frozen in time

JUST LAUNCHED! A Spinning top that embodies the shape of a falling raindrop hitting the surface of a water. Beautiful motion frozen in time, a motion that is almost impossible to capture with a naked eye in a real time.

Zip & Tone | Toning Belt

While different types of workouts only activate about 30% of your muscle fibers, leaving the other 70% dormant. The Zip & Tone belt dual zipper action helps maximize muscle activity during your session. Get up to 770 muscle contractions in a 10 min. session, training even the most stubborn muscles of your abs & butt.