#1 Staff Favorite

VEER 18 | Packable Bag And Inflatable Camera Protection

Developed especially for short excursions, the VEER 18L is ideal for day trips, morning hikes or climbs, afternoon surf sessions, grocery runs and whatever other quick side trips come the travelers’ way.

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SuperTank: 1 Hr. Recharge | 1500% FUNDED!

Designed by the heralded Zendure team… Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% (when not in use). Together with 27,000 mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

Genius Pack | Supercharged

Meet The Future of Travel! The Genius Pack Supercharged is a premium carry-on built to last with a 100% polycarbonate shell, organizational category compartments, 2 USB ports and a removable Power Pack to recharge phones up to 4 times. Save up to 40% off retail on your pledge today!

Summer in Mara | Tropical Adventure

Summer in Mara is a single-player summer adventure. Take care of your own island, farming the land and crafting new tools in order to survive. You can also sail away with your boat to new islands, meet unique characters and find hidden treasures. But the ocean wants you to fulfill your destiny and when it calls you, you’ll have to answer.

Blackest Paint in the World!

There’s none more black! The Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. This team has spent nearly 2 years tweaking its formulation to create a black that absorbs between 98 and 99% of visible light! Quite simply this team have created the blackest black acrylic paint.

Little Sophia by Hanson Robotics

Little Sophia is the little sister of Sophia and the newest member of the Hanson Robotics family. She is 14” tall, and your robot friend that makes STEM, coding and AI fun! Little Sophia can walk, talk, sing, play games and, like her big sister, tell jokes.

Coloma from Final Frontier Games

In the game of Coloma, you are a pioneer who has recently traveled Out West to settle and build an enterprise. You may expand your property by building trading posts, hotels, saloons, stables, and outposts, in addition to mapping the Western frontier, surveying rivers, constructing bridges, and, of course, prospecting for gold. Get out your guns and fend off the outlaws looming on the horizon!

Minimalist Mesh | Disruptive Luxury Watches

For the past 18 months this team has been designing and redesigning the perfect everyday minimalist watch. With the best materials and components, they have built a true quality & minimalist timepiece under $89- Swiss Movement, Sapphire Coated Crystal, 316L Surgical Steel Case & Milanese Magnetic Mesh Band.

Wavelength | Party Game

Wavelength is a social guessing game where two teams compete to read each other’s minds. It’s a thrilling experience of TALKING and THINKING and HIGH FIVING that anyone can play—but it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, like Codenames, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, meaningful.

Alone™ | NEW 2nd Print Run

Alone is an asymmetric survival horror game for 2 to 4 players. One player controls the castaway Hero, who has a limited amount of time to complete missions while exploring a map full of dangers and traps that only gets revealed to them a small bit at a time. Up to 3 more players control the forces of Evil, plotting behind their screen against the Hero.

Sphero RVR – Programmable Robot

Sphero’s first-ever Kickstarter campaign, RVR bucks the company’s longstanding ball design for a more traditional four-wheel robot. The ‘bot is “drivable right out of the box” using an iOS or Android app. The robot can also be used to teach coding in languages like Python and JavaScript and to iterate simple consumer robotic development.

Anti Ordinary A1 | Beanie Helmet

Introducing the world’s first soft, safe helmet, that couples the safety we all need with comfort and looks we all love. The A1 Helmet will exceed the American ATSM F2040 and European EN1077 standards for alpine helmets, so you stop worrying and start shredding! This proprietary system outperforms traditional helmet materials, such as EPS and EPP. What’s the point if it’s not safe?

Ice Cream Dice | 300% FUNDED!

Dice designed to be as beautiful as they are fun, while being totally unexpected at a gaming table. The look is made to be a little bit whimsical, all while being usable. It all began when this creator was tired of seeing the same dice offered on different sites, by different companies with different names. Names like ‘Goblin’s Blood’ and ‘Dragon’s Blah Blah Blah’. You’ll find total originality and delectable colors in every bag!

MOFT | The First Invisible Laptop Stand

MOFT is always with the Laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to. Weighing a mere 2.3 oz. and only 1/9” thick, you just might forget you’re carrying MOFT around with you. And for the benefits MOFT stand provides as a mobile workstation, its small measurements are that much more impressive!

H2Joe | 2-in-1 Coffee & Water Bottle

H2Joe is a travel coffee mug and reusable water bottle combined into one amazing bottle. Get the jolt you need from your morning joe, while ensuring you keep yourself healthy and hydrated through your workday – all from one bottle! Bring your coffee with you in the morning, while staying hydrated throughout your day.

DualFuel | The Portable Powerbank

The Dualfeul is the world’s most portable powerbank lighter! Charge up using any cable and light up when you need with the flameless coil. This revolutionary EDC gadget combines a compact 1250mAh charger with a flameless coil so you can charge or light up at any time. Keep yourself charged up throughout your day and light up whenever you need.

Halflight 375 Flask | Rugged Terrain Spirits

Introducing the Halflight 375 Flask
With 1-full sized tumbler & measuring in at 375ml, the Halflight 375 keeps half a bottle of your favorite spirit at the perfect temperature all day long. Designed for your rough & tumble lifestyle, it fits easily into your purse or backpack. It’s vacuum insulated, leak-proof, with a polished stainless steel construction and the 6-shooter tumbler magnetically attaches to your flask.