#1 Staff Favorite

VEER 18 | Packable Bag And Inflatable Camera Protection

The VEER 18L pack is the first packable bag with an inflatable back panel and inflatable camera cube, giving you the right balance between having enough bag and keeping it minimal – whether you’re a photographer… or not.

Developed especially for short excursions, the VEER 18L is ideal for day trips, morning hikes or climbs, afternoon surf sessions, grocery runs and whatever other quick side trips come the travelers’ way.

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SuperTank: 1 Hr. Recharge | JUST LAUNCHED!

Designed by the heralded Zendure team… Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% (when not in use). Together with 27,000 mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

ervét | 2-Duvet Bedding (FINAL HOURS!)

The ervét is made up of two individual duvets, which are connected down the middle with magnet inseams. This allows you to make the bed with one conjoined duvet, and then adjust throughout the night as you and your partner toss and turn. Genius, right?

Genius Pack | Supercharged

Meet The Future of Travel! The Genius Pack Supercharged is a premium carry-on built to last with a 100% polycarbonate shell, organizational category compartments, 2 USB ports and a removable Power Pack to recharge phones up to 4 times. Save up to 40% off retail on your pledge today!

Minimalist Mesh | Disruptive Luxury Watches

For the past 18 months this team has been designing and redesigning the perfect everyday minimalist watch. With the best materials and components, they have built a true quality & minimalist timepiece under $89- Swiss Movement, Sapphire Coated Crystal, 316L Surgical Steel Case & Milanese Magnetic Mesh Band.

PARKS: The Board Game

In PARKS, players will take on the role of two hikers as they trek through different trails across four seasons of the year. While on the trail, these hikers will take actions and collect memories of the sites they visit—memories being the resources in the game. The Park cards and photos you have collected along your journey that will win you the game.


The GoTies are the world’s first pre-tied adjustable necktie. With just three easy steps: 1. Loosen the neck and place over your head 2. Adjust the length to the top of your belt line 3. Tighten the neck and you’re done!

Hyperspace from Sandy Petersen

Hyperspace is a fast-moving 2-4 player asymmetric 4X strategy game about interstellar expansion. In it, you take the part of an interstellar civilization competing to control a newly-discovered star cluster! Construct your empire, fight for resources, and research technology. Each alien species has its own unique flaws and advantages, and victory lies in recognizing this.

Sub | The World's Smallest Torch

Available from $19 or roughly £15 the tiny torch is the same length as a US quarter, or just shy of 1 inch in length. All pledges include free worldwide shipping which is expected to commence during May 2019. The tiny torch is also waterproof, fireproof and available in either gold or black finishes depending on your preference.

Alfred | Travel Made Easy

Alfred – Listen and understand, See and Comprehend, Travel with Alfred in your hand. A new way to enjoy travel! Alfred helps you to stay connected in over 80 countries and regions, guide you through all the must-see places and even translate 108 languages instantly.


Hey Shellheads! The TMNT are BACK on Kickstarter! Players battle their way through scenario-driven campaigns focused on retelling the stories of the IDW comics or one of the many one-shot, quick play missions. Pledge for your favorite heroes in a half-shell before time runs out HERE!

Air Deck 2.0 | $10 USD & FREE SHIPPING!

These new card decks are designed to be even more resilient to wear and tear. The boxes are upgraded to .4mm waterproof synthetic paper, which makes them more durable. The ink on the box is now even more resistant to scratching. This team will also be planting mangrove trees to offset any CO2 emitted from production and shipping of the cards.

Suburbia Collector's Edition

Suburbia is a tile-laying, city-building game from Ted Alspach, originally published in 2012. Suburbia has won numerous awards, is highly rated on Boardgamegeek.com, and is widely considered the best city-building boardgame of all time. Pledge NOW for your copy HERE!

Cascade Cables | Lightning to USB C Cables

The Cascade Cables will feature Apple’s brand new c94 Chip, which allows third party manufacturers to now produce Lightning to USB C cables. It’s time to ditch the dongles and enable Fast Charging on your Apple Devices today! Pledge enow for your early bird rewards at save up to 30% off retail today!


What is the TOKYO SERIES?? 12 unique games from Jordan Draper about life in Tokyo that can be played stand alone or mixed together! Here are the latest 3 additions to the series: TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY, TOKYO TSUKIJI MARKET, and TOKYO GAME SHOW!

MATRIX PowerWatch 2

The MATRIX PowerWatch 2 is the most powerful smartwatch that you never have to charge. PowerWatch 2 is fully updated with new features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, and a color display. It is designed with MATRIX’s most advanced thermoelectric and solar technology that can convert your body heat and ambient light to power itself.

LEDGE Slip-Joint Pocket Knife

Designed with a slip-joint (non-locking) mechanism which have been around for hundreds of years, the LEDGE features a modern take on the time-tested, classic design. The slip-joint mechanism & controlled back-spring movement allows for a tactile, classy and buttery smooth deployment and closure.