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Atari VCS: Game, Stream, Connect Like Never Before

Atari® returns to the living room with a retro-inspired, completely modern video computer system! New and classic games meet streaming media and a universe of web-powered entertainment on Atari’s first-ever connected home platform.

Atari VCS™ Collector’s and Onyx Editions are still available at a limited campaign-launch discount FOR ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS! Lock it in now!

©2018 Atari and the Atari logo are registered trademarks owned by Atari Interactive, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Atari VCS. 286 Madison Avenue, 8th floor, New York, NY 10017.

SMART BELT 2.0 | Most Funded Accessory Ever!

Version 2 is on track to become even more funded than the original! 32 new belt adjustments brings a world of comfort and a whole new dimension of adjustability. Forget feeling tight or loose, you’ll forget you have a belt on but your pants will stay exactly where they’re supposed to.


Take your water intake – and overall wellbeing – to the next level. You’re an individual and you need a personalized plan for your optimal water intake. EQUA’s APP will do that for you and become your healthy lifestyle coach. Save 25% off your pledge before it’s too late!

Olarm: Smartest Security System

Olarm™ is the Next Generation home security system, the smartest security system available today. It is reliable and priced to fit your budget! Pick up your Early Bird specially-priced pledge today and save up to $130!


After starting this 21-Day introductory program, you may feel and/or see muscles you never knew you had, you may push some boundaries, and most of all you’ll have some fun. Be sure to catch your EARLY BIRD pledge at 35% off retail value NOW!

Sensorwake Trio | Alarm Clock

With Sensorwake Trio, you choose from a wide variety of smells, like coffee, the beach, forest, or peppermint. Change them out as often as you change your mind. Stop hating your alarm clock. Save up to 50% off your set and start enjoying your mornings again!

Hoffman Watches

A collection of modern, sleek, and masculine sports watches of exceptional quality. Each part is carefully selected and assembled with the most significant attention to detail, form, and function. Super Early Bird is only for 24 hours, starting at $169 (Retail is $425).

Beeline Moto | Smart Nav for Motorcycles

Beeline Moto is the antidote to navigation frustration. Everything about it has been built with elegant simplicity in mind. From the clean navigation interface and fast setup with your smartphone, through to the super long battery life and the award winning rugged design, the project creators have put your needs first throughout.

KOSMOS Ink | Magnetic Fountain Pen

Magnetic forces pull the cap onto the pen. The chamfered surfaces on cap and barrel align themselves perfectly.Fun to Fidget – Twist the cap slightly and it will get pushed off by magnetic forces. Anti-roll design of KOSMOS ink’s chamfered surfaces.


LIO comes in two forms: A Backpack (13” or 15”) for your laptop and work essentials, and a Crossbag for your smaller daily essentials. A bag that embodies today’s most innovative urban carrying solution, made for those who like to travel light and carry only what they need.

LynQ: Location Tracking Even When Cell Phones Fail

Long-range location tracking that’s simple to use. Find friends & kids in crowds, remote areas, at festivals, or anywhere under open sky. The only tracker that makes it incredibly simple to locate everyone in your group at the push of a button when nothing else works.

EverRatchet: Ratchet Keychain Tool

Fix what you need to fix and get back to life. #2 DeWalt Phillips Bit included. Custom-sized Fire Flint is included (for Indiegogo orders only). Stainless Steel and Titanium versions available at 40% off.

The Travel Stash | Belt Organizer

The stash can be used for almost any scenario. Keep your belongings safe and organized; take everything you need to: A crowded sporting event, travel through airport security, divide out valuable items from carry ons, and touring a new area.

Pirl Ultimate Charger

The Pirl Charger is built for demanding users who require fast charging, superior electrical protections, flexibility and visibility of energy usage. It charges multiple USB devices at their fastest rate with no throttling. It delivers 2.7A per port and 50W total.

GENKI | BT Audio for Nintendo Switch

Supporting the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, GENKI is compatible with all the Bluetooth headphones out there today (and tomorrow). And did we mention there’s a lot of range? With more than 60 feet in field tests, that’s probably further than your Joy-Cons will ever work anyway. Save up to 30% now on your pledge!


“The Other Shore” is the 8th LP and the 3rd done via pre-orders through Kickstarter. It will be released on August 24th, by the wonderful Bloodshot Records. “The Other Shore” is basically a space western without guns, aliens or battles.

WifiWall | Make the Wifi Safe Again!

WifiWall is a miniature hardware device that automatically secures your public WiFi connections no matter where you are. WifiWall requires no additional software to run. The device constantly monitors all traffic on whatever network you’re connected to and shows your connected network’s strength.